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Thank you so much for playing our game, Baju!~~

Amai, thank you so much!~~

Never gonna give you up, thank you so much for playing our game!~~

Thank you so much, Thenineandonly!~~ 

Kitsumii, thank you so much!~ 

Thank you so much for playing our game, Lucifer! It makes us happy to know you had a splendid time and we're grateful for the video!~ Also we'll do our best for the next game!~~ 

Thank you so much, Syllphana!~ I our hot thief, huhu~~

- the sprite artist

Crystal thank you so much! We also had a lot of fun writing all the possible flavor texts for the email and note~~ 

Ahhh Ivee that's so sweet!...enemies to lovers is the best, huhu~

Omg thank you so much, Wobbely!~ Happy to know that you and your friend had a lot of fun.~

We've looked at that ending many times and are still not ready for it. 

Awww thank you so much, glad to hear you had fun with our game!~

Oh, thank you so much! Happy the details enhanced your experience!

Thank you so much!! <33

Thank you!! We hate to admit it, but we think so too. 

Thank you for playing! You got the final ending, congrats! :D

Thank you for streaming our game!! 

Happy it made you laugh!! :D

Thank you for playing! Indeed, Bo needs to do the cooking too!

Thank you for playing! :D

Thank you for playing! Happy to hear you loved it! <3 

Thank you!! <3

Thank you so much for playing! The team super worked hard and we're glad it delivered!

Glad you had fun! :D

The first ending was super cathartic to write. :'D

Thank you!! To get ending 5 choose "Mass Email". For ending 6, choose "Eat at Cubicle".

Thank you so much!

Have fun!

Thank you for your interest! Glad the plot was to your liking!

Thank you for playing! Glad you liked Bo!

Thank you so much for telling us. We made sure to report it. It still baffles us knowing that someone did that deliberately...Hopefully, will get back to us soon. 

Thank you again for reporting. If you hadn't told us, we wouldn't have known.

thank you so much for playing! we'll do our best for the next one for sure!~~ 

Ahhhh Thank you so much!~~

Thank you so much!~ 

Thank you for playing, we're all glad you enjoyed our game!

Thanks so much we're glad you enjoyed it! We will definitely continue Hugo's cases  in the future!

Aww thank you so much!~ We'll do our very best when we do our next game~~

Glad to hear you enjoyed our game!~

Thank you so much!~ ;)

Thank you so much for playing our game!~ 

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Thank you so much!~ Glad you enjoyed the game~~~

Awww, I can see somewhat of the resembles, haha~ 

- the cg artist

Ah sorry for the late reply, thank you so much for enjoying our game!~

A Russian translation sounds like a splendid idea! We'd love to work together on the translation. We'll send you an email this week with more details!~~