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I want this to go further.  It's very rewarding.  Was unable to figure out a number of things, but want to see more.  

This is probably my favorite title to come out of TMG.  Polished, fun, inspired design.  

I love this title.  The difficulty ramp is really good.  Nothing more frightening than a little kid who can take a headshot and keep going.  I sympathize with the poor redheaded children who fell in the line of duty.

That was such a clincher at 1:30 on your second attempt.  :D  
Thank you for playing!

I really appreciate that you guys are taking the time to play, especially make videos.  I will try to do the same, as everyones games are looking great; definitely more involved than this little project.  :)

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Thank you so much for playing!  I really messed up in not making it more known you could `dash` with spacebar/button; yes, the Bee has a dodge-roll.  Probably wouldn't beat a souls-like with it, but it makes it much easier.  I'm sorry your playtime was so short, but I appreciate the comments and video very much.