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Game is in development and release date is unknown, I am not sure why some of you thought it should have been already out. Release date in early 2019 was refering to the first part of this game  and it was published before the due date. Sorry for the incovenience. This is a huge project and will be released in 4 parts completely. 30 new images are being made for the second part as well as special music effects and background music.  Ty for understanding and join us at discord if you want to see some "spoilers" and where are we atm. 

The only thing we can tell for sure is that second part will come out this year (two months time).

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There will be 3 parts. each having 2 endings. We will publish our new web site soon with the blog so we can keep you updated there. If you wish to know more and talk to us, join our discord server>

Hey, I am a student drawing this solo, having exams right now, that's why it's late and I don't want to rush someting I want really nice and polished. I am drawing as much as I can. :D We are really happy to hear you are waiting for this! We are going to publish this in 3 more parts, but story is written for all of them. :) 

Website is being reworked at the moment, we will provide new link when it's done. :D

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Thank you so much for such a lovely comment! We can't wait to show you all six endings! 

Hello everyone!

This is our first project, an adult visual novel involving mystery, romance, horror and ,of course, fan-service. There are ecchi elements in the DEMO along with the slice-of-life elements. Demo has 10-15 min gameplay testing out engine. This is technical DEMO and it won’t include any horror or other elements of the main game.Find more details about the game and its features at our web site Download DEMO for free and join the discussion below at our page. We are working around the clock on making the game already. Join Discord channel (link at our website), follow social media to see progress we are making! Game will be released at the end of this year. Check it out and follow us for more!

Sincerely, Vely