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Thank you so much. Yes it is indeed possible to ignore the crossword clues if you populate the puzzles with hints - effectively turning each level into a sort of shape puzzle. Though at the default difficulty when you have incomplete hints about the position of each word-train, crossword clues will typically provide useful indications about the position of a handful of words - letting you then solve for the rest.

Thank you! And yes you are right, the default set of clues for each puzzle are the ideal difficulty - and at the moment it is a little too easy and tempting to add more clues and simplify the puzzle. Will consider staggering access to the clues in some way over subsequent iterations.

Thank you so much! Really glad you enjoyed the game. And it is good to know that the build is working okay.

No, I am afraid Unity no longer supports 32 bit Linux builds, and since the game is built in Unity, we are limited to 64 bit builds.

Thank you so much! I am glad that you enjoyed the game, and I really appreciate your detailed response to the work, it is wonderful to see the game evoke the kind of response that we were hoping it would.

And you are right - the obtuse puzzles are deliberate, and slowly untangling your path through them is the glimmer of hope that we were trying to articulate amidst the tedium and violence of detentions.

Also, I have been pondering how to make both sides of the labyrinth a bit more readable, the game in its original form was printed on paper with half the puzzle on the other side of the sheet, so that you would fold and unfold the maze as you solve it.
While this hasn't translated perfectly into videogame form, there is a small clue toggle-button in the menu that creates guide points, if one is completely stuck on a particular level.

Thank you so much! I am really glad you found the game to be moving experience.

While my game, the Indifferent Wonder of an Edible Place is freely available, I would nonetheless like to submit it to the Bundle.

The game was created in solidarity with protests early this year, against a slew of draconian measures by my government. It was created to grieve the loss of place and people subjected to such state mandated violence. I would like to extend that solidarity in whatever modest form I may, to those now bravely standing up against racial injustice and police brutality.

Hello Annie,

Sorry that you are having trouble running the game on a Mac, while I don't have a Mac at hand to be able to test the problem - if you are running MacOs 10.15 Catalina, then it might be because the game is not notarized.

You could try downloading and playing the game through Steam, while we try and figure out what the problem might be :

Hope that helps!


Thank you!

Hello this is Dhruv from Oleomingus.

Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear about the camera bug.

We have see that happen just once before on a Mac build on a different game of ours when the connected controller or driver kept forcing the player camera into a spin. But it is surprising here because this game does not support a controller at all. Nonetheless, if you could send me an email at studio(at)oleomingus(dot)com I will send you a build with the controller input completely disabled and I think that might fix the issue.


Thank you so much!

Wow! Seem to have missed the comment and the video when it was originally posted. Thank you for playing and I am really glad that you enjoyed the game.

Thank you! Really glad you enjoyed it.

Thank you! I am really glad you enjoyed the game.

And it is good to know that the despair of its premise did seep through its various absurdities.

Thank you so much! I am really glad you enjoyed it.

To be completely honest, the story that this game is purportedly adapted from does not exist, nor does its author Mir UmarHassan.  And both the story and its fictitious author are entirely our own constructs. But many of the places and characters that the tale makes a passing reference to - did indeed exist, people like William O'Shaughnessy who lead remarkable lives during the time when the game is set.

Hello @MegaApple18, I missed your reply earlier - 

While we would love to release  vernacular versions for the game,  each translation is too resource intensive and we simply do not have the means to do so.  Making it rather unlikely that we would be able to release Hindi or Gujarati versions for the Museum.

Nonetheless we are planning to do a Hindi version for our next story from Somewhere, which is a much larger project and where it would indeed be viable to do such a translation.


Hello @MegaApple18,

I am Dhruv from Studio Oleomingus. Thank you so much for those kind words! I am really glad that you enjoyed the game.

It is wonderful to meet a fellow Indian, and have them play the Museum - because there are a so many small, vernacular details hidden in the stories, which would only make sense to someone familiar with Hindi or Gujarati.

Thanks again. 

and Regards.

Thank you! And yes while a narration of the stories would have been a wonderful addition to the build, allowing the player to freely wander the rooms as the stories are told - it is rather difficult and resource intensive to produce. But I am really glad you enjoyed it all the same.

Hello Kathryn, This is Dhruv from Oleomingus. Thank you for the wonderful video of our game! I am really glad that you enjoyed it.

p.s : The reason it seems a little bit like Kipling's writings is because we deliberately tried to replicate his : 'Just So Stories', in an attempt to make the Colonial overtones a little more obvious. I am glad you noticed the allusion! 

Hello @Spoonage thank you for playing and recording a video of our game!

I am glad you enjoyed it, even though some of the stories with their  vernacular connotations occasionally seemed to bewilder you.

Hello @pxskl, No we are a different team, we are two people based in India.

But I am flattered by the compassion, because Museum of Simulation technology looks wonderful!

Thank you! I am really glad you like our work.

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Hello @CoalFire,

I am Dhruv from Studio Oleomingus.

Thank you so much for a lovely video from our game, and for your kind words regarding the same. I am really glad that you enjoyed the Museum and found delight in its esoteric storytelling and peculiar spaces. It is both instructive and encouraging to see someone play our work and enjoy it, and I really appreciate your crafting a video to share your experience.

While I am sure you have discovered this by now, there is camera (activated by pressing C) within the game that lets you save progress and also adds to the narrative in subtle ways. (With its controls described in the help - accessed by pressing H), Also the game icon or portrait, placed in the rooms - is interactive.

Hope you relish the remaining rooms.

Kind Regards.

Hello, I am Dhruv from Oleomingus.

Thank you so much for playing the game, and I am glad you enjoyed it despite not being able to read the text - which I admit would lead to a rather incomplete experience.

The low resolution GUI is an issue that stems from the limited aspect ratio of the game (16:10), and plagues computers with smaller screens, where the maximum resolution is curtailed by screen size. We are working on fixing this by dynamically scaling the GUI and letter-boxing the screens so that we do not limit the game's resolution and have the text quality deteriorate.

We should have the build updated with a fresh GUI by Saturday, I will be sure to send you an update once we have the fix ready.

Meanwhile I really appreciate you bringing the issue to our notice and your patience with the process.

Hello Diegovz01,

The resolution is limited because the game is designed to run at at aspect ratio of 16:10 only. And I believe in smaller screens - like those on some laptops, this severely limits the available resolutions. We are working on fixing this, by creating a dynamic GUI that scales comfortably across multiple aspect ratios, and we should have an update regarding this by Saturday or Sunday. 

Thank you for downloading the game, and my apologies for the issue, I will send you an update as soon as we have a fix implemented.

Thank you!

Good to know it works okay!

Thank you so much for playing and testing the build.I am really glad you enjoyed it.

Kind Regards.

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Thank you!

We usually have some trouble with our Linux builds. But give us a week and we will add a Linux build to the page - though you might have to help us test it out!


@Tez Thank you! Really glad you like the visuals for the game.