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This looks fantastic

The stars are too damn high

Oops, you caught me out on a misprint. In an earlier draft, there was a wider list of Aspects and players chose several each, but I decided it felt more meaningful to narrow them down and go with one each. Looks like I forgot to edit that line!

And yep I'll have to check with Tallin but I believe the line is intentional.

Hope you enjoy the game!

I contacted Itch requesting that the email I have written to send a download code to my list of Kickstarter backers be approved, but I haven't heard back yet after a few days and I'm wondering if there's some step I missed; my attempt to send the email directed me to the Itch support page, but there wasn't anything specific about this kind of issue there.

I am also wondering if there's some feature that will let me send a list of external keys (for a Bandcamp album) out to that list of backers specifically; the external key feature here seems to just send one with every download of the game whether it comes from a key or a new purchase.

Thanks for your help!

Thank you!!!!!!!! Excited to hear what you think when it comes out!

Thank you, we're excited to bring you more content soon! Eventually there will be more of a story and some mechanics which add a little structure so I hope it will be less confusing. We'll do our best ☆

Thank you! We're hoping to get back to work on the game early next year.

Sorry about that! I'm glad it's working now, enjoy and please let us know what you think of it!

Sorry, I have no idea what the issue is! Have you been able to run other RPGMaker MV games with the same method?

That's strange, are you running it on Windows? Just double clicking the Game.exe should run it without issue

Well spotted! I will fix that today, thank you for bringing it to my attention. Glad you liked the game, we'll be adding more content soon!

Your art is so nice, do you have more of it online somewhere?