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Pretty awesome!!!

oh yeah, i like this, interesting mechanics, i can see some brain was involved in the creation of this game, nice!! xD no, honestly, good job!!

oops, i did a 9/11 xD
also, arrow keys are backwards xD

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Megusta el juego este! vas añadiendo nuevas "mecanicas" por nivel y esta interesante el concepto.. solo una cosa y una sola.. la velocidad de el movimiento deveria ser dos o tres veces lo que ya es para que gire rapido y poder tener mas dinamica porque gira muy lento y me encontre esperando a que gire para continuar avanznado... bueno dos cosas dos y dos solo, menos tiempo para que sea mas reto... pasaba los niveles con como 2mins de sobra.. muy buen trabajo bro!!

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me gusta el concepto.. pero la verdad me perdi, quiza porque "mucho texto" y me brinque algo de el jajaja y no supe que onda con el poder, solo mire que el sofa le salia un granizado rojo/naranja y listo xD y el tiempo solo me marco "Timepo Restante" todo el momento..

exelente idea, graficos bonitos, solo que al gameplay le hace falta algo de pulido.. y un arma automatica con muchas balas, muchas, MUCHAS balas xD no pude sobrevivir mas de 20 segundos porque me quedaba sin balas... 

los enemigos que tienes estan bien echos, disfrute peleando con ellos.. buen juego!

la primera no se si no supe como o no se puede, pero se necesita que la nave de vuelta.. el segundo minijuego esta interesante! ese deverias de extenderlo un poco mas :)

esta bueno el concepto.. aunque me gustaria que el carro hiciera daño.. la graficas y la musica estan muy bien!

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? si te refieres a presionando el boton R con el raton no funciona.. es presionar la tecla r en tu teclado, deberia reiniciar... :)

Esta muy bueno el juego hermano!! los efectos de sonido estan perfectos, y la revelacion de las figuras al recogerlas da un buen toque al juego! felicidades bro!

Este juego esta chido!

Yo diria que hay mas de uno

You won my respect <3
thanks for the kind words brother :)

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nice game, good track.. must of been a pain to align the arrows on beat.. very nice job bro! last part is hard! love it.

well thats the current high schore! mine is 437..
thanks for playing :)

Very nice!!! i wanted to do something like this but i couldn't handle it xD this graphics are pretty good!  and the concept, everything overall is great! dance moves are very charming..

oh what a great game, i just spent 45mins playing it xD i love the graphics the mechanics the music and the story...  the leafs animation  gives it a special touch its a great game.. only two suggestions.. some feedback that indicates that if you click near armadillo its a soft hit and if you click farther from it is harder the push.. took me a little to get that, and when i restart the level with slow activated the black transitions are also very slow.. but the game is really great man, congratulations! 

fun game, i like the spread in the bullets.. and the parallax movement gives it a nice touch!

I love how this remake is 1000 better than the original xD

i had fun playing this game, the neon ambiance i like, the only complain i can think of is the lightning on the parkour is lacking, i fell like three times because i was blinded by the neon in front.. but then it got interesting because balls stack and that was fun.. nice job bro!!

the bricks animation looks very good!

I loved insulting the characters in this game :D

i like the simplistic art, grandpa with the walker is really charming..

i like the puzzle mechanic :)

i was stressing over thinking it too much.. i literally just started but im going to try and present what i have in my mind.. and so far im starting to enjoy this :) 

i love the theme! i can feel the flashbacks! xD

Hi fellow indie devs.. i have been peeking and poking at game dev for a few years now, started with unity like most of us.. but now i use all opensource software (oh hail open source!) i have started many projects of wich i finished none.. i work alone.. i make all, from sfx and music to graphics and animation, programming and game logic, im a one man army xD and the description of this game jam is just perfect, afraid to say TOO perfect (kudos to the jam host, thank you brother!) i want to take this oportunity in this my first game jam to start, finish and share a project... finally! i have a day job (have to survive and support family) but i will spend all free time in this, so dont expect a big or very produced job here, but be sure that whatever i make i will do with effort and joy.. i look forward to getting the theme tomorrow and start this journey.. good luck to all!!!
atte. Stuck Up Creations :)

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The thanks goes to you good sir.. i bought the bundle and so far this is the most useful thing i have found in there (still much to discover) but this is now a tool i use every day, is a to do list for my projects.. i love it, you deserved all this attention to this project, congratulations!

also i use Linux, maybe does not matter to you but it does to me :D thanks for making it available for the penguin!

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very nice, i will start using it as to do list for my projects.. would be nice to  be able to rearrange items in collections, i know i can rearrange collections, but items would be good too. example, i added a new project i had started a while ago, i added things as i remembered, then i decided to add the date to keep record, but its middle of the list, i would like to move it to be first item but i cant... 

PS. i love the themes...