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Stuart Pentelow

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Really think you have a good base here! Good job! Would love to see you expand this to allow for destroying the planet.

Think there is a lot of work put in here. If you enable collisions across the wall prefabs it should help. I think the potions are not working but overall I really liked the little dudes cross-face animations on death and the lighting of the game :D GJ

Even if we do have someone suggest 'Unreal game' as a theme, we have multiple themes chosen which can be done in any combo i.e only do 1 of 3 themes chosen or try all of them if they can work together.

Heyo! Any engine/framework/toolkit/langauge etc is acceptable unless I guess someone wrote a framework or engine for the theme? As far as the submissions have gone though there hasn't been anything like that as I don't think most consider it a theme so most likely you're good!

Best team <3