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It really feels like fitting on a nokia 3310

Also, I loved the meme songs you put there, bit I loved even more the classic songs the cellphone used to have by default

rotat e

I had the same issue, but thanks to your comment i got the right video. It was so nice to see you playing our game <3
I just missed the music. It's a big part of the game :'(

I streamed yesterday so, yes, the post was late

But I'll play it anyway

Maybe I can go live again on the next days. If I do, I'll play your game for sure

Is it possible to build a MacOS or a web version?

Yes, it's normal. You beat the game :)

It's okay not working with your controller, the game is meant to be played on keyboard. Showing the controller schema was part of the joke

I saw you playing it and all I can say is I replayed it at least a dozen times. I'll link your video next time someone says they didn't get the game

Hi all

It's been a lot of fun seeing comments from people who played my game, so I'm going to livestream playing the games from people who commented

Also, I'll play every game you guys link on this thread

I'll be live on at 11:30 PM GMT+3 so you have about 2 1/2 hours to add your links and join us



I see you're a man of culture aswell

That's you

Let me know when you get live so I can watch too!

It'd be a pleasure


Play ours too pleeeeeeease

I just saw your reply, sorry for missing your livestream.

I'm trying to find the moment you play our game. Can you give us a clue

Hey! I loved seeing you playing our game!

Yours is super fun too! I need to write you a review.

Oh, I just missed!

If you still want to play games, play mine:

Please, play my game! It will be super fun, I promise

Here's mine:

I'll soon play some games too

Hey! Play mine too!

Dropping it!

Want a short, fun game to play? Want a game that gives you that WTF feeling? Want a 16-bit game with a twist? Here is it!

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Hey! Is is too late to add my game to the list?

I think you should play it because it has bananas

I was using Google Chrome Version 87 on macos Catalina (10.15.7)

It was so adorable

I loved the illustrations. And the story was so trippy!

Also, the cat asking for food to give answers was so real i laughed

Just one thing: On longer pages I couldn't scroll the page to see them properly (but I cheated opening the browser developer tools because I wanted to play it)

Check out my submission too :)