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Can we get more of these, especially for interiors?  These are really great!

The dragon knight with and without helmet sprites move 2 pixels up when walking upward and make them look like they're skipping along.  Not sure if you want to fix it :D

Got it, thanks for the reply.

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Any shot at getting a traditional town based tileset?  

You can kinda create towns with all the sets you've released thus far, but it feels like you have to make a lot of compromises and they don't really fit so well.

It could also just be that I'm using the tiles in an unintended way, too.  Seems like they work best when using them to make a one-screen (or close to it) map, rather than something larger.

All good, lesson learned :D

On the other topic - would there be an easy way to display the icon used for whatever shield is equipped on top of battle actors when blocks occur?

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Hey Ramza,

Following the documentation and putting blkrt in custom parameters just shows nothing on status screens and throws an error in the equip scene: "user.getBlockRate is not a function."

Edit:  I didn't change anything other than the filename for the plugin back to the default naming and now it works.  Unsure if that would actually cause it, but seems to be working now so whogaf :D

Separately:  Is there any chance at getting this plugin to display the icon for whatever shield is equipped over the actor during battle either in place of, or in conjunction with the block animation?

As long as it's on your guys' radar I'm happy :D

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Any shot at getting a sideview battler exporter using these sprites?  Not talking about the larger characters types that you've put together, but using these small guys setup for RPG Maker battlers.

I'd be happy to buy it as sort of a "DLC" to the walkabout sprites.

They're backwards D:

Ahh okay, I read "actor" and immediately disassociated it from class.

Thanks!  :D

Any chance at adding a level and/or class restriction variable?

Any plans to do an upgraded version of all your elements and include sound effects?

Thank you for this! :D

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Hey, not knocking your process! Just expressing both disappointment that the best feature of gridders (in my opinion) isn't in yet, and excitement that there's a cool looking project to follow. :D

*loads up game*

*sees create character button greyed out*

... sadface.  I'll try it again when we can make our own chars.

Next pack when?

Great set!  The only problem is that the sound effects are very quiet compared to RPG Maker MZ's default sound levels.

Are they still coming?

I just bought this but didn't realize that it nor earth have been updates for MZ.  Will these two get an MZ update? :( 

Yay!  All that's left is lightning!

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Glad to see the series continue, but so far this is one of the least impressive of the bunch.  I bought it anyway to support your work, but I feel like these animations are quite short and less spectacular in general when compared to previous animations.

This is not to say that they are bad animations, because they are definitely not.  They just don't feel up to the same level as your previous work.

Still looking forward to the rest of the elements!

:D  Can't wait to see all the elements!  

Day one purchase from me when they show up!

Anything coming for lightning and earth?

These are awesome, by the way!

Ah, okay.  I'm only using the turn system from it if you think that would make any difference (none of the other optional things), but the turn system is probably what is the most likely culprit for screwing things up.


Ramza, any idea if this works properly with Octopack's battle system?  Other dual wield scripts do funky things like making you have to select attack twice, I'm assuming because of the timing of the system (actions are taken immediately after choosing them).

I wish I knew this before I bought it an hour ago.  Back to Blockbench I go, I guess, since it can do it.

You should really make a demo version.  Or not, and get more suckers like me since refunds on DRM free software are forbidden.

This is 100% needed.

I've got them to scale, but I'm trying to line up a sprite for a treasure chest on top of the model (going for a retro look) but it just tiles the sprite all across the model.

Is there a way to position the texture on the model or is scaling the only option?

WTB mtl files for them.

No textures :(

They walk a bit girly currently and DAYUM BOIS THEM HIPS :D

Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with as times passes.

The fantasy genre is a bit left out here (especially helmets!) but what is here already is great so far!

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