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It's me, again, to thank you for this intriguing and 'so different' experience! I'll be eager to try your other projects, hoping to be up to them.  And - of course - I'm much grateful to my friend Simon Mesnard, that addressed me to No Turning Back! Keep going Yazorius, you have a beautiful mind!

What a wonderful amazing experience! I would love to change your world for the best if I only could... you deserve so much! I'll treasure my beautiful 'real' white cube as a reminder of one of the most immersive and intriguing gems I ever played since I started playing videogames.
The first puzzle is sheer genious and solving it gives a unique sense of fullfilment!
Thank you!!!

It was amazing  Yazorius, thank you so much for this fantastic experience!!!
I really would love to forget all about it and start a new game as it was the first time!

Thank you a lot Yaz! I'll write my opinion as soon as I'll finish playing!

Me too! So I'm doing my best to promote it within my acquaintances.

Milo and the Magpies was one of the most delicious short games I ever played! I was looking forward to its release since I tried the demo.

Wonderful artwork and music, clever and challenging puzzles, humour, and such a lot of poetry!

The Mad Cat Boogie made me bend on my chair for laughs, and the Escher-like drawing with Milos and Magpies left me in wonder!

And I was honestly moved in the end... so touching.

Thank you guys at Second Maze,  for an amazing game experience!

Aha! I see... My little Majesty is too busy at keeping  his people happy  and he doesn't have time to look for his real origin! Now I understand my particular attraction for him ^^

I do hope so! By now I'm in love with King Roboto and his friends! Besides, I suspect that the King may be some sort of relative of Black Cubes... isn't his head square shaped? ;)

I rated Francium at the Zoo 5 stars! I loved it as I loved the former two chapters of Francium, filled with clever sense of humor, subtle poetry and nice simple puzzles. I'd love so much too see other chapters... :)

Thank you Simon!

P.s.: the map riddle was really a little vicious XD

An enchanting entertaining little adventure! And a worthy sequel to Francium! I wish you to get all the appreciation that you deserve Simon, thank you for ever for these precious gifts out of your inehaustible imagining!


Francium is enchanting! I voted five stars for every listed point and I really mean it! The use of such beautiful water colours as backgrounds and the basic idea are so great, and the cute robots are perfectly fit in it. I loved each one of them! And I love the peculiar mix of poetry and sense of humor underlying all Simon's creations... it is unique! Hopefully such a fantastic idea will have further developments. In one word: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!