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Aha! I see... My little Majesty is too busy at keeping  his people happy  and he doesn't have time to look for his real origin! Now I understand my particular attraction for him ^^

I do hope so! By now I'm in love with King Roboto and his friends! Besides, I suspect that the King may be some sort of relative of Black Cubes... isn't his head square shaped? ;)

I rated Francium at the Zoo 5 stars! I loved it as I loved the former two chapters of Francium, filled with clever sense of humor, subtle poetry and nice simple puzzles. I'd love so much too see other chapters... :)

Thank you Simon!

P.s.: the map riddle was really a little vicious XD

An enchanting entertaining little adventure! And a worthy sequel to Francium! I wish you to get all the appreciation that you deserve Simon, thank you for ever for these precious gifts out of your inehaustible imagining!


Francium is enchanting! I voted five stars for every listed point and I really mean it! The use of such beautiful water colours as backgrounds and the basic idea are so great, and the cute robots are perfectly fit in it. I loved each one of them! And I love the peculiar mix of poetry and sense of humor underlying all Simon's creations... it is unique! Hopefully such a fantastic idea will have further developments. In one word: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!