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Great work @cephalopodun! I love the graphics and sound effects in this game. I played for quite some time and have some feedback:

- The speed of the automatic scrolling between players feels very slow. In fact, the game is much more enjoyable when playing with a single character due to not having to deal with this, IMO.

- Being able to skip a turn and/or switch characters would help with pacing too. I would love to park a cleric somewhere safe, and have my other guys go fight, but the scrolling speed and having to move the cleric somewhere every turn gets old fast.

- The amount of money found in loot is insignificant compared to the value of treasures, making it feel worthless. It would be cool if there was a way to spend money in general, or at least money found within a single journey (maybe a randomly spawned shopkeeper to spend money found so far?)

- I encountered a bug where a bunch of stuff exploded, and a bunch of NPCs died, and the game froze. Maybe the game got stuck on a dead NPCs turn?

Hope you find this feedback useful. Thanks for making this cool game!