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Congratz! Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! The game was made for a game jam so it was a little short. But maybe on the future we`ll revisit it!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked the art!

Thanks for playing! Glad that you liked it!

Wow! Just. Wow!

The game is really well polished. The art, the sfx and the music really go well together. And to wrap it all up the humour was really good. Even though the characters are all Todds, they are all different and peculiar.

Well done!

Really good game! At first I thought the progression was a little slow, but when I read about you trying to make a game a 3yo kid could play, it made total sense. The controls are great, the gameplay feels very good and the game is very forgiving. I think you were spot on for a game for young children.

Also, slipping on the banana peels feels really great and I couldn’t stop laughing when I slipped for the first time while holding a “key”.


Thanks for playing it! The mechanic to lock doors was the core of the game and we spent most of the time making it and polishing it. Glad to know you liked it!

Thanks for playing it! And also for giving a more detailed review! We’re glad to see that you liked the pacing and immersion. We worked hard on it to make sure the game felt like an horror movie.

About the sideways doors, they were kind of a last minute fix, as we didn’t take the time to make the art like the rest of the mansion, but just did what we could. Now, after the jam, it is probably something we could have spent a little more refining.

We’ll take a look at the frame rate issues, but I can say to you that we really didn’t stop to optimize the game yet.

Thanks again for playing!

Thanks for playing it!

Ha! We did love the teleportation mechanic, specially because of those random cases where you just locked him down, feels safer, opens a door and… there he is again!

Go for it! It looks pretty great! Maybe there are more mechanics related to locks you can add, too!

Pretty good game! Loved the art style and the pixel art looks good. The controls are a bit too complicated and I couldn’t figure out how to finish the first level. Could use a bit of music and sfx for more immersion. Nevertheless, quite a good job here. Congratz!

The concept seems interesting, but the game froze after I click on a message to send =(

Really good game here! The pixel art graphics look crispy, the music is really catchy and everything you do has a sound effect. The UI is pretty good too and the gameplay works really well. I played all the levels and wanted more! My favorite from this jam yet!

Pretty cool game with nice graphics. I loved shooting things on the game, and maybe shot more cows than zombies. Would love if it had some music and sfx.

Really creative take on the “Locked” theme with great graphics and music. The writing is good, but I think the “topics” could be broken down into more different objects on the scene.

Pretty cool graphics and a catchy music. The gamepllay works ok, but I think the UI needs to be improved, as the font colors don’t stand out against the background

Thanks for playing it! Glad to see that you felt like on a B-movie. That was what we were striving for!

The locks can all be broken by the slasher on a random basis. When the enemy tries to open the door to chase you, it has a chance to break the lock, but it doesn’t try more than once. If the slasher can’t break the door, it tries to find some other path to get to you, and if there is none or you get too far, it teleports to one of the fixed places on the mansion.

We know that this teleport could sometimes look weird, like it just appearing somewhere you know it couldn’t be, but it led to some really awesome B-movie moments when you think you’re safe and when you open the door the slasher is there. Kind of a Nightmare on Elm-Street feeling.

And also all the locks have the same strength, what changes is that as you get more keys, the slasher has a bigger chance of breaking down the locks up to the last one where it can always break down the doors to chase you.

Thanks for playing it! We loved making the sound effects and working on the player immersion with the vfx and lighting!

Game Title/URL: SlasherLock

Pitch/Information: In this game we explored the concept of locking and unlocking doors while you are chased by a typical slasher movie killer in a top down mansion. Your goal is to find all the keys and escape the house before the slasher catches you!

I’d like feedback on: Everything, really. Most of our team was working on things they haven’t worked on before, so all critics are welcome.