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This is such a CUTE game that's full of surprises! Gorgeous backgrounds and nice musical changes.  I love the mix of puzzles and backstories that come across in the character dialogues. A charming little game with a lot of polish :) 

Ah, thank you! This is such a lovely thing to say considering I gave up in frustration at my poor art skills only to return a few hours later and start completely afresh. The clouds were the first part I did - one little tile at a time - and I’m happy with how they turned out. Thank you so much 😊 

The above works for items but doesn't work as expected for variables.

I have an item named "tea" and a variable named "gold" set to an integer of 10.

If I use the following after having collected the tea item:

You have {say {item "gold"}} gold

The dialogue reads "You have 1 gold" rather than 0 as expected (since the item is named "tea", not "gold") 

Also, I cannot figure out how to show the variable value (10) in the dialogue. I've tried using var or int in place of "item" in the code above but neither works. What's the correct approach?

Related to this: Once an item is collected. How can it be set to zero again?