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I just released the PRINT & PLAY version of premium deck of cards for Crawl! no. 13: Deathmatch!

This is my first premium product, I usually release simple zines. This took several months of pixel fudging to get the deck right. Go check it out if you like Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG, Crawl! fanzine, or accessories for you gaming. 

Crawl! Deathmatch! Deck no. 1

INGREDIENTS: 4 major power-up cards. 30 weapon cards (5 different weapons, 1 exclusive to this deck!). 21 shield and cake cards. 17 trap and hazard cards.

DIRECTIONS: Remove the weapon cards from the deck. Each PC gets a BLOOD RED BATTLEAXE (and/or other weapons with the judge’s discretion). Mix and shuffle in a dozen-ish weapons back into the deck. Pick a map. In each major corridor, draw 1. Rooms, draw 2. Large chambers, draw 3. Overcome traps and hazards before collecting any items. Use items to survive and destroy your enemies.

Bonus FREE demo

Full color MINDLESS STATE cards available for now FREE as a downloadable demo, NO PURCHASE NECESSARY, see link below. These are the full color versions of the cards that were recently made available for download with Crawl! no. 13:

The Mindless State pack (9 cards) are full color reference cards to match this deck. (NOTE: The black & white version comes with your digital download of Crawl! no. 13. These cards are NOT part of the 72-card printed deck and are included as a free bonus - they're not intended to be mixed into the Deathmatch! deck).

Oh, yeah. Here's a screen shot of what it's doing to the screen. On my laptop the edges aren't cut off. But my laptop has a standard 1080p screen. The Steam Deck is 800p. 

I went ahead and made some myself and added the game to Steam as a non-Steam game. And added as custom artwork so they don't have empty grey boxes in my Steam library. 

You can find them here.

I'm really enjoying this. I'm playing it on my Steam Deck through Steam Play/proton. It has a weird ratio, almost 4:5. Is there a command line to force a screen resolution? The deck is natively 16:10 or "800p" (1280x800).

Never could get into other games like this, but the hand drawn art is excellent. I'm already a fan of these goblins. I need some art assets so it doesn't look like blank grey rectangles on Steam. 

Super cool. Did you find someone to do the conversion, or did you do it yourself? I love .epub books when reading on a digital screen. PDFs, especially formatted for 2-columns on A4 or Letter is a pain for me. (Digest, A5, and similar are the only PDF books I can handle.)

Hey, are you going to do a print edition? Willing to wait for it. 

Fun stuff. i like being able to kill and eat my enemies. I couldn't find 1 secret and 1 journal, I'm sure they're in the same place. I spent an hour trying to kill everything, just couldn't find that last bit. I forgot to see if I found everything else.. 

The *SPOILER* puzzle took me a bit to figure out. I somehow got past one of them without "setting it". I thought for sure it'd lead me to that last secret, but it just made it easier to cross a spot I had somehow bypassed (lol). 

When I found that *SPOILER* device did what it did, I really wanted to destroy the whole village with it. Hopefully we can do that in later updates. 

I have always had issues with Unity, for an engine that can look like BUILD, I wonder why its performance is so sluggish. (Nvidia 1070) It started getting choppy towards the end. I can play Doom 2016 with no issue. 

Overall the concept is great, and I look forward to more powers and killing and eating more of these zealots.