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Oh that was super fun.

Though I still can't figure out B 馃槀

Looks like there's a bug in the macOS version where attempting to change the controls does not work.

In the controls menu, if I click "Apply Changes", it resets controls back to the defaults.

But if I click "Back", then the new controls I've set do not apply.

It doesn鈥檛 really do much beyond bounce around the screen and then eventually die, but here鈥檚 what I have so far:

I'm using these in a pet-raising type game I've just started work on. Loving the variety :)

Not bad. Not great either.

But my macbook isn't too recent, so I expect that newer ones might have no problems.

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macOS, on Fantastic graphics (or any graphics setting for that matter)... the ocean doesn't render :(

Just me? Or is this a known issue?