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I've found a maximum of roughly 6 is ideal, and you can do it with one GM and as little as one player!

That's odd! I'm not seeing that through any other piece of the project backend.

That said, if you message me your email via Twitter @WritNelson, I'd be happy to send you the PDFs in another format!

I'll be honest - I don't know!

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I can't promise anything for Mac (as much as I love supporting Mac players), but in the meantime, I hear things like Wine for Mac and Proton for Linux are both compatible and work well!

About an hour, with significant replayability if you enjoy the systems!

I'll fix that!

Depends on how good you are with a jetpack.

It's on Windows!

Hiya! The game doesn't currently have subtitles, but all voice lines in the game are non-essential to both the story and any gameplay information you might need.

I am so, so glad your experience was (mostly) a positive one! My favorite jokes written in the alien language are probably still in the Moth Man-themed record shop - which also happened to be one of the first stores added to the game. :)

Heya! I can confirm the Steam version and itch version are the same - you aren't (and won't) miss out on anything buying the game through here. :)

It's a critically-acclaimed open-world adventure you can play for over 20 hours! Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

It should be!

Likely not, but never say never!

Yup! Finished, self-contained experience.

It'll be going up on launch day!

Damage, methods of determining damage, and methods of healing, are up to the DM/group!

From my experience, settling on something minimal (every enemy hit is 4 damage; it hits if the DM rolls above a 12) works best. What's important is enabling interesting storytelling - so the more quickly and effectively you can establish pillars that support it, the better.

I'd love to submit the $4.99 edition of my accessible RPG system, Ellipses!