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Would buying this on itch come with a Steam key?

This game's so much fun! My only complaint is that it's short, but I feel like that's a great complaint to have--please make more! I'd love to see this concept evolve.

Hey! Do we get a Steam key with the itch purchase? Just curious, I usually like buying on itch but reviewing on Steam whenever possible :)

"There are no keys available at this time, try again later" -- Getting this error, I purchased this in the Torture Star Bundle. Looks like someone else did as well. Help?

Oh wow, I didn't know that! That's kinda shitty on Steam's part.

I see that the Itch release of the full game is coming pretty soon, is there any chance the Itch copy comes with a Steam key? I like purchasing games through Itch and reviewing on Steam since I think that's the best way to support a creator! Also, DRM free copy!

I love this! The OST is great and the bosses are so fun! Also the color palettes give this game so much style.

I had a really great time playing the game! I only wish it was longer, and that getting the 3rd star on the final boss was... a bit more doable. I've replayed that boss at least 100 times trying to get 3 stars and it seems like the RNG works against me a lot... I can't get a 'chain' over 41 and I guess that isn't enough.

Other than that though, I really loved this game! Super sweet and gone too soon, like a delectable dessert.

I love this game! Definitely my favorite game of the year so far!

The story is good and cute, pretty simple but that's not a problem at all. Something about the little Rogue Sentry just makes me smile.

But boy, this game gets mad difficult near the end! There is one specific fight I died at least 40 times on... and I'm ashamed to admit that 30 of those deaths were well within 10 seconds of the fight starting.

It's all good though, once I got over my frustration I found that the fight was entirely doable. Actually, everything in this game that would be frustrating is entirely fair. There's not a moment in this game where I felt that my death wasn't my fault. I'm sure the previous reviewer, Nontimetis, was talking about the same fight. It really is a "What the hell am I supposed to do?" moment.

Stick through it all, dear reader, if you have any doubts about your ability to beat this game! I've only played a few shoot-em-ups (hoping to change that!) and I was able to make it through this one. I'm also excited to see the game has some well thought out replayability features. Always the mark of a great game.

Multiple endings, multiple game modes, multiple ways to go about beating this game... all in all, this game is phenomenal. Thanks for the piece of art, and I can't wait to keep playing to see all the endings and unlock all the extra stuff!

Is there any chance at the CD-ROM release going back in stock? I'd love to pick up a physical copy.

I'd love the button so I can add all the amazing games in that bundle to my account, that way I can access them all easily on the Itch app. But after they updated the page stating a button would be implemented, I haven't heard anything since. Is that still being done?

Hey! This game absolutely touched my heart after I found it randomly a few days ago, anyway, I really wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for this! It's a work of art, and I'm amazed at how far its come from just one developer. I got it on Steam and I'll be playing it as much as I can, it's really fun, rather thought provoking, and meaningful for such a simple game and concept!

This game was absolutely hilarious and I love it. Time to play more of what you've got