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Story Night Publishing

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I am Frank, co-founder of Story Night Publishing, and I have some exciting news! A novel I have been working on for a long time is now available on our page! Join Tacitus as he tries to put an end to the crime and corruption in his city while realizing that life has twists and turns that you can never predict, full of people you never knew were dedicated allies!

I am offering a free 30+ page sample to get you started and a discount through the itch page for the novel, so why not come take a peek?

Thank you! I am very excited to get started on this game. More so, I am excited to see everyone’s entries and feedback.

Frank SNP Co founder

You have far more than that now! We are also excited to see how many projects appear here. We will be submitting a TTRPG within the theme and look forward to the reviews and potential ranking we will receive. Good Luck to all entrants!

I have never done a Jam before, and I have obviously not started the project… but how does one submit the final document to this jam?