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Installing the Linux version on the Itch app from desktop mode worked very well, though Steam crashed multiple times for me today while playing it and I'm not sure why--it was fine for the many hours I'd played it before. I didn't lose significant progress thanks to autosave, but it was annoying.

Hi, I would like to make a proposal to translate Wolf Head into Korean.

Could you check the your twitter DM?

1페이지씩 뽑을 수 있는 페이지 버전 SRD를 추가했습니다.

무기 표 9번과 19번이 둘 다 '정글도'로 되어있었던 오타를 발견했습니다! 19번을 곡괭이로 고쳤으니 참고하시기 바랍니다.

Hi, Have you check the DM?
If you let me know your contact e-mail, I will send you our contract template.

If you have any question, please let me know. 

'여러분의 캐릭터' 부분이 '한숨 돌리기'로 잘못 적힌 것을 발견해 수정했습니다.

'여러분의 캐릭터' 부분이 '한숨 돌리기'로 잘못 적힌 것을 발견해 수정했습니다.

Hi, I would like to make a proposal to translate Crash//Cart into Korean.

Could you check the yourtwitter DM?

Cover art: Vira Sakhniuk

I hope this helps you!

Thank you!

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1. Aren't the base attributes 3/2/1?  So lower attribute means lowest attribute?

2. If the lower attribute is 1d, How can I get "6s: The first hunter spills their blood for you: You regain all Blood."?

Trick Weapon question: Are [Great Range] /[+Effect vs OO] the ability of Base form? or are they "the increased Effect" of Alternate form?

Pray in front of the tomb of the first hunter: Does "roll lower attribute" mean roll 2d?

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One more question!

Oath of Hunters:

But the light touched us, and we have become its emissaries. (Hunter's Scroll)

But the light touched us, and now our eyes are open. (Game Master’s Scroll)

Which is correct?

I got it. Thank you!


Does a PC gain Stamina after he succeeded at his action roll witout consequence(6+ ) or avoided consequence(6+ on resist roll or use the special armor)?

Oh, Thank you. I mean Erupt :)

Does Engulf power(p.14) deal 1 Harm to anyone Close to the target , including allies?

Oh, I have misunderstood that Assault Rifle has splash tag. Thank you!

Hi, I have a question.

In the combat example(p.16), the Ace has spent 2 Tension.

Why is his remaining Tension 0 point?


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Hi, I would like to ask some questions.

  1. A Spark can install two Flare mods at a time, right?
  2. Does an installed Power mod apply to every power which a Spark have? (i.e. If a Spark chooses “+1 range”, does it apply to passive and all the active powers?)
  3. Why does Drifter have some mods looks like penalty? (-1 Fuel, Gain 2 Fuel from Empty Clip) I suppose the less Fuel Drifter have, the more often you can use Bullet Hell, right?
  4. Does Drifter go dormant after Empty Clip?

And thank you for making such a wonderful game!


We are Yiyagi wa Nori(이야기와 놀이), the Korean publisher of Electric Bastionland.

We are planning to translate some Electric Bastionland supplements, and I found Last Quarter to be a good sample borough.

So we would like to get permission to translate Last Quarter. Of course, we would like to pay you royalty.

If you have an interest, Please let us know!

Thank you!

One more question. Does Wild Magic use Knowledge Domain?

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I bought the books and looked through it yesterday. I like how you tweak Agon into grim & gritty dungeon crawling. As a fan of both Torchbearer and OSR, I love your work!

And one thing I would like to ask you: Can I play Ruin of Doom in traditional OSR-style? (For example, Can I find secret door or sideway?  Loot enemy and open treasure chest other than adventure reward? Or using 10-feet pole and disarming trap without contests?)

Thank you!

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1. If a Heir use a Spell Pearl, does it cost 1 charge? 

2. "Command| Charges 1 "   "Boiling Blast| Charges 2xL"... Does the number of charges of the spells list mean Spell Pearl's maximum charges?

3. If Heirs go down to deeper level other than the Exit(The pits, trapdoor, etc...), how far away from the Plunge is the new room?