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Ah! That was the original 2018 Kickstarter exclusive price I believe, which shouldn't be on our website, thanks for pointing that out.

Hi! The price has increased by $1 USD between 2019 and 2022 to keep pace with rising costs in general. During that time we have added some new content, including Duet Society - a guide to playing Good Society with two players, and fully searchable versions of the cards. Hope that answers your question!

You can play with two or more people! We have a supplement coming in the next couple of weeks that will explain how to play with two players.

All art included in the LARP was created by the excellent Raven Warner!:

Hi! Contact us about this through our website, and we'll sort something out for you!

Hey, can you please let me know your Kickstarter username, or message me on Kickstarter and I'll sort that out for you!