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Hey, this is all I get to see. The game loads up and freezes on this screen with no options available. I can hear the music, but thats it. I have a gtx 970, an i7, windows 10, 16gb ram. Shouldn't be a pc issue, and I have tried reinstalling, restarting game/steam/pc, I tried moving game to another hard drive and tried verifying game files to no avail. halp

This is all I get to see. I have tried everything from restarting the game, restarting steam, the pc, reinstall the game, move the game to another hard drive, find the exe file and run as admin. I have tried verifying the game files too. Nothing works. haalp

When I start the game, it opens a window and a dark blue background and plays music. but that's all that happends, its all frozen. I just purchased the game but cant seem to play it, I'm on a i7 and a gtx970 with 16gb ram. I dont get whats wrong