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It seems the translation is a bit confusing. Could you try rephrase what the problem is? You can also try post in your native language and I'll see if I can get it translated a bit better...

I'm using the API to verify user's purchases and it works fine when the purchase is made directly to the game. But there is one user who keeps getting error during the process. After a few tests and checking on the log, I realized that the only difference is that he purchased the game on a bundle sale lately while other successful instances are all from single game purchase. 

I wonder if this is a known issue around bundle sales? Or did I miss anything? Is there any workaround for this? 

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Yes the XPS models can shake boobs, but you'll need to setup its boobs physics first, since each model might have different bone setup, we can't apply that automatically. In the actor settings, go to the physics tab, open Boobs Physics and then click on Select Bones, then tick the bones that represent left and right breasts. Usually that should be enough but if it's not working correctly you can try to adjust the spring force & position offset etc in the settings. 

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Not yet, the bone mapper does not contain bones for eyelids. Might add that in the future. And bare in mind that some models just don't have eyelids control at all... 

What model is that? Maybe it's missing something that is required. For XPS model it has to have a .xps or .mesh file, for PMX model it has to have a .pmx
The content manager is not looking into the zip package, it only recognizes zip packages but it cannot determine if that zip contains valid content. 

The pro version have morphs & material controls, and you can load more than one model in the scene. Plus there are built-in motions & special effects specific to Pro version. Some of the XPS models have different bone structures, you'll need to use the bone mapper to be able to use motion on them. Here's a video about bone mapper:

If your content is not too big, are you able to zip your content and send it to us so we can have a look? Thanks.

You can also report issue here: