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Amazing, thanks for letting me know!

Thanks so much!

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Edit: as well as the google sheets version of the character sheet linked above, I've now added a PDF character sheet you can print out as well.

Thanks so much for sharing! That's great to hear!

Yep that's right! Armour can't reduce hits taken to below 1 - that way PCs are never invulnerable.

In the current rules, shield bash would count as a weapon attack, so it would require the engage stance rather than the block stance, so you wouldn't be able to block and bash in the same turn.

The sacred shield power can only be used outside combat, but the shield's tolerance is permanently doubled, lasting until destroyed :)

Thanks for letting me know!

This is really useful feedback, thank you! My experiences so far are generally that fewer enemies than players = easy fight, equal number = can go either way, more = challenging. I think the more wanderers you have it gets exponentially easier, particularly with bosses, so I'll play around giving bosses more attacks which hit multiples, and place other tactical restrictions on players. In terms of how hard they hit, I was wary not to make them always deal 2+ dmg because of how low Hit Tolerance is and the condition dice mechanic! But sounds like I might be being too kind :)

This is the first time I've heard of that actually, and yeah from a quick look it seems like a good fit! Hope it goes well, enjoy!

Hey, thanks so much! I absolutely agree that the combat rules could be clearer, I'm going to be putting some more explanation in the next edition to address this, and I'm working on a little illustration (see below) which shows how different circles are used to map positions, where combatants in the same circle i.e. position are 'close', and in separate positions are 'distant'. Hopefully this should do the trick!

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As I haven't tested it with groups that size, it would be interesting to hear how it goes! The main thing I'd expect is players tag-teaming a lot during combat, which might make fights against single opponents (e.g. greater foes) trivial and could get repetitive. I might suggest trying out some area of effect attacks which keep players on their toes. Other than that, I'd think about boosting the hit tolerance of enemies by a few points. Hope it goes well, and enjoy!

Both paths and places of interest should have one or more encounters of varying sorts (I guess the difference is paths are a linear sequence of encounters, but a place can be a bit more exploratory). If a place of interest has significantly more than four encounters, you may want to break it up into several places or paths instead. This kind of framework is a bit arbitrary as it's designed more to help players break the world up into navigable chunks, so they can say 'this session we'll travel this path and explore this area'.

Amazing, hope you enjoy! That makes a lot of sense, I'll be sure to put a couple more greater foes in 0.7e, which I'm hoping to get out in about a month. Thanks for letting me know about the error, it's incredible what gets through proof-reading! Feel free to get back in touch with thoughts and feedback any time :)

Thank you so much! I'm working on the 0.7 update currently, hoping to get it out within the next month or so :)

Hey, thanks so much! That's really helpful cheers, will add to the fix list for 0.7!

Thanks so much for sharing, that's lovely! I'm glad to hear you had a good time with it.

Hey! You can email the details to :)

Hey, I'd prefer that anyone downloading just does so through this page. Thanks for checking!

I adore this supplement, it's sleek, evocative, and fits perfectly into the world of CY_BORG. Definitely going to use this when I run it!

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Thanks so much! I'll certainly do that :)

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There's an actual play from RPPR over at!

My pleasure, thank you for supporting the game! :)

Hey, glad you enjoyed! Yes, Bar the Windows is a little unusual in that fighting has different effects depending on what actions you take and what items you have, and sometimes doesn't physically harm foes, rather than traditionally reducing HP like in other games. Hopefully it all clicked in the end, thanks for telling me about your game!

Hey, thanks so much for your interest! Community copies aren't available at the moment, but if you want a copy of the core rulebook for review purposes or can't afford the full game, email me at :)

Thanks Ella!!

My pleasure! And yes please I'd love to see that! I might even make a jam at some point, for people to submit projects where they've used these illustrations, if there's interest :)

Amazing, let me know when it's out!

If you have any questions about how to play, or problems accessing any materials, get in touch below!

If you have any feedback on the game, or have some lovely reviews to share, drop us a comment!

I finished Bloodborne one time! We'll brush over the fact it took half a year, and I'm not counting the expansion because it made me weep with rage after I couldn't get past the first boss. And despite owning three other Souls games I haven't finished them either. But shhh...