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Cool update!

The game is now much more enjoyable to play.

Cool game!

A better instruction of the mechanics would be nice because i didn't exactly know how to use the social media stuff. And it was confusing that there were icons in the galaxy app that only showed an empty popup when clicked on.

Keep up the good work!

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Helfe V4 is an app with which you can improve the look of your desktop! You can add for example a clock, a calendar, a Music Visualizer or even custom mods! This app is still in development and will be improved every day!

It is a cool little piece of software.

I like it!

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Hello i need feedback on an app(no game) i made. With this app you can add custom windows on your desktop like a clock and many more. You can even develop you own mods for Helfer V4!

Helfer V4 is in an early but polished and working state and now i need you feedback what do you think of the App.

  • Is it user friendly?
  • Is it actually good?
  • What could i improve?
  • Does it even work?


It is a really good and polished game. I really enjoyed playing it. I am not that good ad avoiding the loads of bullets but i think that this is a skill problem xD.

Really good game!

ei rilie lav id. cän ju maeke ä nüw won

veri nize game


I like it