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I don't have much to offer right now but here we go:

Cute, fun, sweet ending!

A great experience. A lot of feelings in this game, shows the beauty of communication.

Simple, fun, so much done with so little.

This is perfect, nothing else to say.

This is a beautiful game. So sweet, so cute.

Oh my! Thank you so much! ~ <3
I only learned about Nanoreno, and so only created this game, thanks to Nami so I guess we are both lucky there! =)
I am very much planning to keep making more VNs! (After the END will be getting a sequel at some point so hopefully everyone likes it!)

Thank you so much!
I want to try improve on things a bit in future to be less restrictive but I did like the overall result.

One of the sweetest things I have ever read.
Love it.

(Good job Nami!)

Funnily enough I don't normally do zombie stories really. It was fun to do though! 
(Are you suuuuure that was the true end though? >=D ... I guess we will find out if/when I do entry 2 for the series)

(Thank you so much! Peeps like you helped by inspiring me along the way!)

Thank you!