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Glad to know you were still somewhat entertained from the sound of it! I think our pixel artist did a fantastic job, he even made animations for the character but we didnt have time to implement them.

Thanks for playing and commenting!

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The yetis really just want some personal space, y'know?

Fair enough, thank you for the feedback and for playing our game!

Damn! This one took me by suprise, a weird error occured the first time I booted it up which had me expecting something subpar, but this was fun!

Whacking the snowball is satisfying, and whacking it with the correct angle in order to take out the enemies is even more satisfying. I like how also you can't just stay safe inside the snowball, you have to whack it otherwise it shrinks. 

The movement is a tad slippery for a bullet hell, which while is a tad annoying, I think that puts more emphasis on using the snowball itself to destroy projectiles and enemies, in a way.

I like the graphics and idea, and the jump arc felt solid! The music wasn't to my taste. Good menu too.

Real nice graphics! Love the artstyle. Did you actually make the thing in the background of the title screen? Anyway, cute little game, I did get stuck after killing depression though.

Holy crap I actually did it :DDD

I think introvert mode should either: 1. Slow down the conversation far more. Or 2. Recharge much faster. I feel like I die very easily. Not bad though! 

Nice game! I liked it, it feels like Nuclear Throne with the screenshake, large bullets and high power. Cute animation at the start, gave me a chuckle. Keep it up!

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Quite nice! I think shooting is a little difficult, but I see that is an intentional design choice. I think I would prefer if I aiming was a bit easier, and the bullet size more generous, and adding difficulty with harder/more enemies. That's just my two cents. Anyways, good job!

Not bad! A really hectic game, in fact when sparks are starting to pile up, a music change to a more stressful song would be nice, kinda like when you're about to drown in Sonic. Some sort of indication regarding to gravity switching would be nice. But overall a very enjoyable small arcady experience!

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I like that it's just a boss fight, unfortunately with a qwerty keyboard the Q and D movement is very awkward, making the fight take more tries. I pulled through eventually though, and the artstyle is pretty nice. The final phase has a weird quirk where the it seems like I'm running up the bullets like they are a staircase or something, I still was able to avoid damage but it just felt a little confusing, but during a jam you don't always have time to polish. Great job overall, I liked it quite a bit!

A rather simple story but not going to lie it did give me the chills at points, good job.

No problem! Have a nice day, and good luck devving 

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Yeah when I'm near bonfires it shows the text and sometimes I need to press it multiple times to pick it up, although sometimes I get it first try

Fun physics!

Yeah I can fight against it sometimes, it just feels random, at least with this level of experience it feels random when it happens

I think it happens most when there is ghost debris covering the torch, or sometimes in bonfires? Maybe I'm just overestimating the pickup range

I'm not quite sure how to explain it, I go near a torch and I have to press it multiple times sometimes until it finally lets me pick it up, it just feels a little unresponsive I guess?

Some sound effects would be great for overall feel, like with spikes going up and down and the like. Really loved the last level, showed some nice potential.

If I had to critique anything, I sometimes spin out after switching drifts and just kind of die. Not sure if it's intentional but it kills my run sometimes

5/5 This is my favorite game so far. Super challenging but when you start understanding the controls it's sooooooo good. An announcer would be a great addition if you were to find a good one. My record of the time of writing this is 15 000. I'll definately play more of it :D Also it's made by people of the best country in the world, mennää joskus yksille ja pelataa CTR sen jälkeen

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Love the artstyle, and as Houkime already pointed out, there are weird invisible walls for the AI but I'm sure you guys will get on that later.

Dang this one was challenging. Very nice, although a restart option would be nice

I like the artstyle and while it does lack polish, you can't always polish a lot of things during such a short timeframe. Unreliable torch picking was quite annoying, I sometimes struggled picking them up. Also I don't know if you guys made that torch particle or not but damn it looks pretty nice

I think this game accomplishes what it sets out to do! The music and graphics are pretty cute in my opinion. The only improvement would be an option to skip the intro to the levels if you fail, but the music is so nice that I wouldn't want to do it most of the time :D

I don't really understand how the bouncing really works? And I don't really get what my cursor sphere thing does either. I would be up to play this and try it out with friends though.

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A very interesting game! Sounds would be an obvious must but not always a possibility in game jams. It gets a little repetetive when you realize that as long as you get some of your nades to hit you can just kinda spam shooting and win, but at least you have to mixup your positioning and timing round after round of nade throwing thanks to it's trowing arc and collision. Very cool.

Pretty neat boss made in 48 hours, and a sweet track that made me think of Jin's theme from Tekken.

Cool stuff!

I didn't see much point in collecting the money, but I understand there isn't always time to implement a reward system like that in such a short timeframe. Dodgeing stuff while running fast is suprisingly fun though.

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I find the music combined with what's happening quite amusing but past that this game is a little bit all over the place haha. I love that you fight a beer belly bastard who for some reason has a freaking dungeon in his basement with skeletons, parrots and a hedgehog whose spines are partly chains. That said I have no idea what the leaves did. 

But more importantly, torilla tavataan perkele vittu saatana.

Aahhh pretty clever now that I saw you explain it! The wind is annoying at times but it does add an element or realism, since in real life archery it's not like you just point the arrow at the target and have it go the same exact trajectory every time

What a nice game! He was able to get up the cliff thanks to his roundness and when he finally saw something interesting ahead, that's when the gameplay also kicked in, getting the player to feel engaged in a way that wasn't just reading text! A really nice moral as well! Loved it <3

Thank you for commenting! I'm glad you found at least some enjoyment out of it!