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version 2.2.4

Une énigme supplémentaire

version 2.2.3

version 2.2.2 petite énigme supplémentaire.

version 2.2.1
Choix du réglage de la sensibilité de la souris
sur itch il n'est pas possible de faire de petites mises à jour.

Choice of mouse sensitivity setting
on itch it is not possible to make small updates.

version 2.2.0

version 2.1.9

Merci Double H, je vais corriger ça

correction du puzzle en haut de l'escalier version FR

Version 2.1.7

the cursor changes color if an object is not found in an area

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Version 2.1.6

realistic elevator !

no problem, the game is very well done.

Très bon jeu, dommage que ça s'arrête là. J'ai été bloqué à cet endroit sans pouvoir continuer ni retourner au menu.


you will find a little help on this game at this address

vous trouverez un peu d'aide sur ce jeu à cette adresse

Final version 2.1.5

Leaving Lyndow community · Created a new topic Nice game !
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I was lucky to find this game! I just started it and it is really beautiful. There are too many horror games and I don't like them at all.

Well done for your work.


I found it very short. I thought the game really started when we took the boat, but it's already the end !

Final version 2.1.4

I think I'll publish on Steam too. You have more view on Steam I think?

is it complicated to publish on Steam?

I started the game and it is very beautiful. Fortunately there is help for the progress of the game. Nice job!

where is my mistake?

yes I understood now. Thank you

thank you for your support

when I look in the Analytics menu, at File Download Count, I see for example 14 download 3 days ago but the payments do not arrive right after. But that's probably normal?

so there is a delay between a download and payment?


J'ai du mal pour la mine. Je suis entré mais je tourne en rond et revient toujours à l'entrée.

La traduction canadien est amusante !


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I see downloads for my game cutish but there is more payment.

can there be a delay between the download and the information?

No demo ?

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version 2.0.6 : minor corrections in the steam tunnel

we can not go where we want. But it's not bad

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version 2.0.5 : minor graphics corrections

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Version 2.0.4 allows you to return to the game once it is finished

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Version 2.0.3

bug fix in the final scene

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I modified the page. Is this right ?

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Version 2.02 on line

After consultation, players were a little lost when I put a new version online. Everything is ok now.

I just had some feedback from former buyers who tell me they have to pay for the new version of the game.

Why do people who bought my game have to pay during an update? I receive complaints about this.

Voici la version 2.0 remastérisée. J'espère que vous prendrez autant de plaisir à y jouer que j'en ai eu à le créer.

ça semble réglé maintenant . J'attends juste une confirmation de ma banque pour une vérification. Pas simple mais on y arrive. :-)