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A new Tiny Goose release!!! Sign me up!
(don't try to play this on a keyboard omg)

Thems controls are *touchy* but if neon tube racing is your jam then this is your happy place!

It's a great start! Really enjoyed a lot of aspects of this... even got to the end! Woooooo!


Here's my top 3 bits of quick feedback:

  • Lock on: this feature is really jenky at the moment-- causes a lot of movement / control issues. Consider limiting the distance that you can lock on.
  • View: the camera feels a bit too close to the action-- in many cases, the enemies have detected you before they're even visible onscreen, which limits strategic thinking and an overall sense of the space. Also, because of the 3/4 view, enemies are sometimes entirely occluded by structures/props. 
  • Combat: Feels like the first swing always misses, and connecting with an enemy (or being struck by one) doesn't really have that KAPOW feeling. Consider ways to tighten this up and make it rock!

Lots to like here-- good luck with development!

Yeah-- ran out of time to really close the gameplay loop, but stay tuned! Really appreciate you having a look!

Thanks-- and thanks for checking it out! Much obliged!

Thanks for getting back to me-- I can't seem to repro! Any additional info on this?

Well you KNOW I got that BREAD! Enjoyed herding sheepies. Thanks for the giggles.

I've got a game in this jam, but some players have mentioned an issue with the camera being broken / constantly pointing upward-- but I can't seem to repro. Would people help me out by just firing up the build and verifying? Feel free to stick around and hit some fish with your rake, of course...

Really polished for the timefame of the jam-- love he look of everything, and the difficulty ramps up like crazzzzzzy! Nice one

Wow, so many great touches here-- i love the way everything looks, and the way towers snap down into place. Really lovely.

Easily the best koi-related weirdo freakout in the whole jam. Two bread cubes up!

Weird-- I'll look into it. Were you using a controller or mouse/keyboard? Thanks for letting me know!

:) Thanks

Aww, you're too kind-- the bread cube to my koi


takin dis lil sumbitch to DEVCOM

omg is it still biscuit time?


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Hooray!!! Nice work everybody!!!


I absolutely love this game! <3

...and I'm SO stuck. Wish me luck.