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It's a great start! Really enjoyed a lot of aspects of this... even got to the end! Woooooo!


Here's my top 3 bits of quick feedback:

  • Lock on: this feature is really jenky at the moment-- causes a lot of movement / control issues. Consider limiting the distance that you can lock on.
  • View: the camera feels a bit too close to the action-- in many cases, the enemies have detected you before they're even visible onscreen, which limits strategic thinking and an overall sense of the space. Also, because of the 3/4 view, enemies are sometimes entirely occluded by structures/props. 
  • Combat: Feels like the first swing always misses, and connecting with an enemy (or being struck by one) doesn't really have that KAPOW feeling. Consider ways to tighten this up and make it rock!

Lots to like here-- good luck with development!