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wait but it is second result wth

I wanna know since haxel flixel doesnt load on low end pcs, so im waiting til it comes to itch so i can download it

Greeat game my heart almost stopped though

She got drip, what you gonna do?



The music in this game is so good! And the point and click aspects of the game are really well done, and i also love the attention to detail, making so many things be interactable, this game has a lot of potential, and i love it

I think its just a little nice reminder, if that person ever needs a bit of help they could just call him maybe

Guys seryously i need money to fix my wall 

very good still trying tough

Oh look its spudcats!

uhhh im scared my location

if you want he made a devlog for this game in his botao select channel its in portuguese but its still interesting

wish i had the money to buy it the demo was amazing and i know the final version is good as heck

Now i will just re instal the game since my search was not a success

So there are just steam files,system buffers, sistem diagnostics some monogame files a 64x archive a 86x archive, a desktop image i guess but the thing that gets my attention is a read me page that has a note bloxk with a site link of made by the creator of the game i cant use any bitly links but you can find it in the Content archive, i guess this became a file look lol

So when i downloaded the archive it only had the files for the game all of them with only kb none of the files had even one mb and i could not find any starter either i will keep trying to find something or if i find nothing i will just download the game again because i think its just a bug 

I have a question, is the pastry shop part of the story and the demo wnds with you having the train card or do i need to search more?

i cant i dont gave money :(

This game is so good and has so much potential if i could i would donate a million dollars to the creators of the game!

this game is just beautiful

lindo apenas lindo