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Now i will just re instal the game since my search was not a success

So there are just steam files,system buffers, sistem diagnostics some monogame files a 64x archive a 86x archive, a desktop image i guess but the thing that gets my attention is a read me page that has a note bloxk with a site link of made by the creator of the game i cant use any bitly links but you can find it in the Content archive, i guess this became a file look lol

So when i downloaded the archive it only had the files for the game all of them with only kb none of the files had even one mb and i could not find any starter either i will keep trying to find something or if i find nothing i will just download the game again because i think its just a bug 

I have a question, is the pastry shop part of the story and the demo wnds with you having the train card or do i need to search more?

i cant i dont gave money :(

This game is so good and has so much potential if i could i would donate a million dollars to the creators of the game!

this game is just beautiful

lindo apenas lindo