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Preview seems well done!

Great maps. It was a bit difficult at first, but I managed to get them into owlbear rodeo. Looking forward to seeing the next set.

It's very good and a lot of fun

Thank you good sir. The loudener is a blessing.

Juke and bamboozle until it is done

Difficult, creative, fun

hmm, would making story mode longer just require a bigger map and more targets?

Can we get an explanation on how the ai crewmates think? Like how they choose to vote someone out because of their proximity to the body or something?

Haven't seen a game with this topic for a long time.

pain and agony

He zoomin'

Pretty difficult and very fun!


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I dont like this one very much :/

Is there a wiki for this game? I want to learn some new strategies.

among us has consoomed the concept of among us 2 and turned it into an update

yeah you've got the right idea

ah, thought you were talking about other modes


hear me out: what if higher level balls had exaggerated physics

one of the best games on, hands down

you have to mine the copper close to the core. Click and drag it from the back of your ship into your core. Anuke needs to increase the auto deposit range. Hope it helps!!

protip: if you want a better ship, try to unit-possess a core-nucleus. 

small cores give you a nerfed dart, medium give you a dart with rotating guns, and nucleus/large cores give you the "delta", a slightly stronger dart.

;-; it's perfect

Aww, it's so great!

how do the collectors work?

all we need is new enemy types

Oh neat this is home defense in the browser!

stop advertising your own content on a much better game, you greedy jerk!

if the multiplayer community is bad the game isnt automatically bad. you're probably making a mistake. if someone says ur doing something wrong ask them how to fix it. also play single player to practice.

the game is 2d, how the heck would that work??

-units are supposed to take a while to spawn

-players arent supposed to be one man armies

-reconstructors need power and more resources

Look it up. If you search hard enough, you'll find it

v6 isnt out yet, it is still in a beta testing phase. If you want it still, you'll need to download the beta itself

w o w i e

Very, very fun.


i think that was a gamejam theme once

Great game. Great commentary. Roombas are cool.