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Is there any way of keeping bolts,  boxes, etc,  from spawning out of the playing field, i.e. behind barriers/fences?

I forgot to check the RMB.  I have gotten slightly further, I made it to the second boss.  I definitely see the variance between runs, some being 30 minutes long, others 3.   I don't know if easier is necessary, as much as it'd be nice to be load where you left off, level-wise, perhaps.  I don't know what other players think, that's just my thought.  I like the Diablo-like randomness, it does make the gameplay repeatable without growing boring.

I purchased one copy, as I support this.  This is the first game I've paid for in a long time, but I find it worth the support.  I might buy a second for my daughter later. 


- I haven't understood the reasoning behind weapon cases locking.  I think already locked, or already unlocked would be the ideal setup, with only unique/high level weapons locked.

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I have been playing the Beta/Demo for the last few days.  I have been happily surprised.  It brings me back to some of the older games, such as Meat Puppet, Abuse, and Machine Hunter.  The only issues I've had are:

- if I leave the game running for a while, and come back, it freezes.  When it freezes, I can CTR-ALT-DEL, and select task manager, but the Synthetik red page overrides everything, and I cannot see the task manager page to close it.  I have to hard reset to get out of it.  This has happened several times, on two machines, both running Windows 10.

- I see mention of different ammunition types, and have unlocked the option, but do not see anything supporting that.  Is that because of the Beta/Demo?

- I am a casual gamer; my hard core gamer days are past, but I can typically hold my own in Arma3.  However, I have only been able to get past the F22 once, and only lasted one level after that point.  That's with all modifiers off.  In the shooting gallery, I can get around 4th-5th level.  I find the rarity of health and the lack of save very frustrating at some points.  Again, that's me.  My 9 year old daughter has enjoyed it a little, but was very quickly frustrated at the inability to get past a few levels.

Overall, well done.  Keep up the good work.