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I have been playing the Beta/Demo for the last few days.  I have been happily surprised.  It brings me back to some of the older games, such as Meat Puppet, Abuse, and Machine Hunter.  The only issues I've had are:

- if I leave the game running for a while, and come back, it freezes.  When it freezes, I can CTR-ALT-DEL, and select task manager, but the Synthetik red page overrides everything, and I cannot see the task manager page to close it.  I have to hard reset to get out of it.  This has happened several times, on two machines, both running Windows 10.

- I see mention of different ammunition types, and have unlocked the option, but do not see anything supporting that.  Is that because of the Beta/Demo?

- I am a casual gamer; my hard core gamer days are past, but I can typically hold my own in Arma3.  However, I have only been able to get past the F22 once, and only lasted one level after that point.  That's with all modifiers off.  In the shooting gallery, I can get around 4th-5th level.  I find the rarity of health and the lack of save very frustrating at some points.  Again, that's me.  My 9 year old daughter has enjoyed it a little, but was very quickly frustrated at the inability to get past a few levels.

Overall, well done.  Keep up the good work.


- I haven't understood the reasoning behind weapon cases locking.  I think already locked, or already unlocked would be the ideal setup, with only unique/high level weapons locked.

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Hey Steyr

Thanks for the Feedback!

Did you unlock the Ammo types in the Lab ? After you have them researched, you can select between available ones with RMB (There are small ammo icons on the right side of your bullet UI)  We will look after the freeze issue. 

The game has a bit of a learning curve, we are certain that if you play a couple more times that you steadily increase. That is a big part of the appeal of the genre, but it also depends on which items and weapons you get and which perks you choose. Some runs can be unlucky in others you can get very lucky in weapons and items, don't give up : ) We will certainly add more difficulty modifiers and a easier one as the current normal/easy difficulty is really not easy, we are working on the balance at the moment, but if you beat the boss then you should be fit for the rest. I can try adding a real easier mode in todays patch. Keep in mind that the beta will end soon and we might change the price tomorrow. 

The timed weapon cases are supposed to be rare bonus cases, they have higher level loot but lock after a time, so if you are fast enough you get it for free, else it will just become a normal metal crate with a keycard requirement. 

Thanks for your comment, glad that you like the game! 


I forgot to check the RMB.  I have gotten slightly further, I made it to the second boss.  I definitely see the variance between runs, some being 30 minutes long, others 3.   I don't know if easier is necessary, as much as it'd be nice to be load where you left off, level-wise, perhaps.  I don't know what other players think, that's just my thought.  I like the Diablo-like randomness, it does make the gameplay repeatable without growing boring.

I purchased one copy, as I support this.  This is the first game I've paid for in a long time, but I find it worth the support.  I might buy a second for my daughter later.