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To add a bit of detail, it seems that the game runs considerably faster with VSync turned ON. With it off, it seems to run at the same speed as the gameplay video on the Steam page. I have a 144hz monitor and a GTX 1060 6GB. This behavior does occur in the DirectX version as well. I just bought the game today and this behavior was experienced on Steam version 1.03.

My record so far. Not sure what others have. I found a nice sequence break to help speed things up ;-)

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Amazingly fun game, thanks! Can't wait to try it with more humans than just myself.

I found one bug (feature?)... If the puck gets enough height bouncing behind the net, it'll go on top of the netting, and count as a goal.

Also the timer stops at 1 and never goes to zero.

(PS if a character that got 3 goals had a small hat appear on their head it would be adorable I'd buy this again for that :3 )

Keep up the great work!!