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if you want to see the gameplay look at this video

you right

no problem

i cant make a window edition, it's not working i tried


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im sorry if i add too many posters :( i add posters for make decorations and make this game more fun. i will post 2 videos about this game if you want to see what the game looks like

this game was cool i really enjoyed but you need to uptade this game cuz theres a lot of things.

1. can you fix player's movement and make the player move faster or make a stamina bar for running away from kitodin.

2. i think the navmesh is broken cuz kitodin cant follow me everywhere.

3. put the script to pause in every single minigames to take a break

4. your platform minigame is kinda broken, when i fall it's never ends, add an platform to teleport in the beginning of the platform if i fall in the void.

and 5. make decorations to make this game more cooler, cuz if it's empty it's gonna be a bit boring.

sorry if im making you stressed but this game needs to be uptaded to make this game more crazier

kitodin is my new freind

what do you mean? in real life or this game?

so it's creepy?

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thanks you can watch my video with this game if you want to see the game :) but it's french

yes it's a macOS game so you cant play this game on your window :(

bread bread AND MORE BREAD LOL

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it's inspired of your fnf character from your gamejolt account

in the pre release 2 is better! if you want to go in the exit door without 10 blue books you cant! you really need 10 blue books to enter in the exit door

yeah it took me 1 month to publish this game


are you really 11 years old cuz your keep saying bad words

what is this again...?

cool fanart

wait the ending of bread hunt has old characters and new characters

what happend to bread hunt?

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i cant make the window ver. it's not work but you can decompile my game if you have unity

cul game

the 3rd game is not published yet. but the 3rd game it's gonna name txd's amazing adventure 2d

i didnt make the 4th game. i will make the 4th game soon

yeah this is the menu from my 4th game

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im gonna tell something in the game. jumpscares in original are different but in the remake are all the same, in the remake your slower, hallways and rooms are smaller than the original, in the remake the blue headed dude is less scarier than his original sprite, the annoying thing in the remake is you can get stuck in the table and the beginning is empty. i wish the old game is back... but my 4th game is gonna be the old game with different map and new monsters.

this remind me of baldi's basics in cloned characters...

you mean the original search the bread is better?

file is in a game :)

sanny shrunk da player :P

cool game :D

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i will make the sequel if im a pro, but if you said the word crazier that means steven's maze is crazy?

why all emerald's games are difficult?

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thank for the advice, i am new in unity but i will try to make better the next time! also that's right this game is simple

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i download the am2 source code made by agent 11