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Why not leave a link?

what model and prompt are you using?

I think your animations are good and show a ton of promise. Very cool packs.

Your recommendation is valid, I will just add the other death frame together myself! 

Hey, love the packs. Will you be improving animations at all or do you consider them complete as is? I see death animation is a single frame. Also see that the mounted death character is just the mount dead.

Just curious if animation will be a focus for you!

I also think 4 animations is 1 quality step short of a great pack. 6 frame would be much more polished. I would pay more for slightly higher quality transitions even!

Does this come with 48 different unique monsters or does that include color variants? Verbiage is the same but one of the individual packs says 24 but you find out it’s 6 unique, after purchase, and additional colors. Same question on the 30 heroes?

The weather and atmosphere in the demo images is nice!

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Are animation example for hands, swords, bows, guns included? And can you place any character on mount?

(1 edit) here is aforementioned style. Do you think style/animations will be similar? Any estimate on timing? I’d like to make a game with these!

if these were animated in minifolks style I would buy! 

I would love one that is more Fantasy than Modern. Shopping carts don't really work in Azeroth :P

Seems to be missing a finger tap icon and a premium shop icon. Cart doesn't really fit fantasy theme. Just adding feedback as it's the reason I couldn't use!

Does it have a shop icon?

what size? It would be cool if the cliffs worked with grass sets

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Sure! Definitely would help to understand what the pack has! I am more interested in the terrains and transitions though.

I agree, I am interested but too little visibility to roll the dice on 8 dollars!

A bit misleading to say 24 monsters without mentioning 18 are recolors of the 6 unique monsters. Still a good deal, the fire head is cool - reminds me of SRS. A bit misleading though,

I agree that the jump doesn't look super natural in use. +1 to a proper running jump transition!

Did Aesprite file get added?!

Is the 4 box demo image scaled at a good proportion or transformed/stretched? I'm interested but some of the pixel work in that image concerns me. Looking to know that the borders are only a single pixel wide on any given icon before I jump in.

Hi, are these auto tile compatible or do they include a visual setup guide? Looking for a tileset that at minimum has the tiles needed to create a complete auto tile.

Was going to buy but not a fan of the license. Just wanted to leave the feedback. Seems very restrictive.

I would also like to know.


I would guess the online ones work on Android, have you tried any?


What programs do you use for art and developing? Most have a way to do this.

I agree, I hope someone cracks the prompt code to getting the same results in SD so you can avoid the cost though. I hear it's just that MJ takes the user prompt and adds pre built strings to it which creates the better results & consistency. I have seen people dial in extremely detailed prompts to get very similar results.

Pretty cool, Stable Diffusion or Midjourney?

They look cool!

Hi, do they have only an idle animation?

Ah okay, I would rather pay more and not be limited. Layers and source files are important for me as a solo dev who outsources art!

The effects look very good though!

Cool, will the aseprite file be in the zip?

hello, are the effects modular? Eg the healing particles vs circle wave at top separate or together on layers on Aseprite? And how many effects do you anticipate being added to this pack all together?

is there any animation samples?

are these ai? Looking good

Is it animated?

Is this AI generated?

Did you make these by doing a 3d model first? Just bought, was exactly what I was looking for!

are these ai generated or original works?