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Steven Beller

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Yea saw it and shared it with the team, thanks for the valuable feedback, and for sticking through despite the difficulty with the first area!

Thanks for all of the feedback! Really enjoyed watching you play. We definitely need to add a tutorial section, we even had a music loop for it but not nearly enough time. I like the idea of the up arrow as an alternative key for jumping,

Thanks for the feedback! We will add a mention of dropping down to the controls, but it sounds like the game successfully taught you to drop! Yes, shooting on the beat gives you a strong shot!

Thanks for the feedback! We're going to slow down the spawning, there's an animation where they dig up from the ground but maybe we need to highlight it a bit more.

Thanks for the feedback! We're tweaking the movement. Can't allow backwards movement in the forced scrolling sections because you have to reach the end at a specific point in the song.


Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks! Yea, the idea was that the character is moving to the beat, we plan to smooth it out

Thanks! I'm very open to ideas for indicators. We forced movement to keep timing, but couldn't come up with a good way to differentiate between stationary rooms and scrolling sections.