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Thank you! I'm currently taking some time off of it to try to develop my first commercial game, but I definitely still want to make it and I'd like to work freetime mode + chapter 1 as soon as I can justify it :)

Thank you so much!

I'm so sorry about the fullscreen thing! I set up all the menus so they'd scale for any possible aspect ratio, I wonder why it cut off... I have a bad habit of skipping quality of life options-- definitely gonna try to kick that for future jams. Thanks for letting me know, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I doubt this will ever reach the 200,000 install threshold that'll make me pay, if it does then yeah I'd probably have to take it down and stop working on it. For now it won't change anything,  Hopefully Unity will take all this pricing stuff back!

This was made for a visual novel game jam lmao how did you even find this game and get disappointed it was a visual novel

I'm so glad you noticed the best friend detail ahaha, I haven't seen anyone else point it out! And also the window scare, most people miss that one!

Thank you for playing!

thank you so much!!

I left any skip/typical visual novel  quality of life options out for immersion, since I wanted to frame everything lie it’s exactly how Petra’s experiencing it (why there’s no music outside the computer, why there’s no sound effects during jumpscares, etc), and a part of that was having certain lines take longer for the characters to start typing, to simulate them thinking of a response, but I’ve definitely found it is REALLY awkward to watch someone play when so much time is spent waiting, if I could go back and change something it would definitely be to add a skip option 

I played this when there were like, 4 submissions, and I just realized I forgot to comment! The desert is one of my favorite settings for horror so this was great (Reminded me a bit of It Stains The Sands Red). And of course the art looks amazing as has been said, it all sets the mood great

Loved all the animation here, there was so much movement! And details like how the credits are presented were really pleasant 

Loved the music and character designs, the style in general is so distinct!

Omg thank you! I'm so glad you liked it

And yes about the costume, I'm glad someone got that!