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Steve Smith

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A great small game.  The attention to detail is what raises it above the average.

Thanks.  I'll have a look.  Are you sure there's no way to move behind you?

It should be somewhere around the edge.  Just like the original game. :)

Thanks, glad you liked it!  (I just had to google who Daren White was :) )

I get a big picture of a crown, but then nothing.  No text or anything.  Do I need to press a button?

Looks great in a Speccy kind of way, but am I being a noob?  How do you get past the rocks on the second screen?

Don't worry about all the questions, it's just nice to get some feedback and am happy to answer anything. :)  I'm afraid there's no way past that, and that red thing is just an artefact from the Monty Mole graphics I ripped.  It doesn't do anything.  The Dark Sceptre character also blocks another level, and there's no way past that (until I add another level and remove the blockage).

Ha!  Well done on finding it. 

I don't know if you noticed the new couple of tips I wrote on the page, but don't bother trying to get past the Jetman screen. It will cost you all those lives. :)

There is now a cheatcode.  It's Jet Set Willy related. :)

Not yet, but there will be a small update soon with something like that in it.  I'm also smoothing out some of the slopes, like the giant "arms" on the R-Type level.

Glad you like the game.  Thanks for pointing that out (I guess I must have never died on that screen with the Jetpac).  I've just fixed it, so now the jetpac is re-spawned.  Cheers!

Thanks a lot for letting me know about the bug.  I've just fixed it and updated the game.  Cheers!

MIT for the source, and CC0 for the low-poly space models.