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A great variation on the tower defence theme, similar to ramparts (though I never actually played that one)? 

Good game.

Love the intro and the voice work!  It's a very good game, but (like someone else mentioned) I was doing well and then my rocket got destroyed.  Maybe make it more obvious how much damage it has incurred?

Can I complement you on your excellent source code.  Very well laid out and commented.

It looks good, but the gameplay lets it down.  The player needs to be able to move a bit faster, but mainly be able to shoot a lot more bullets (that move faster) and also be able to move and shoot at the same time.  If I hold down left or right and then press space, no bullets appear.

Not bad, but a bit simplistic.  Good maybe for younger players?

Do you have any screenshots or videos?

Quite good and straightforward.

I did.  Chuckie Egg was a great game.

I've just noticed that it's created 53Gb of temp data before my PC ran out of disk space.

I've just tried the Linux version.  it seems to hang on the Godot splash screen.  How long should it take?

Well done!

Thanks, really glad you enjoy it.


Thanks, it is quite challenging!  I play it sat in a rotating chair; I have much less chance of getting motion sickness that way, and the camera is at just the right height.  It's a bit too high in your video.  Thanks for the feedback, I thought I'd fixed both of those problems, but I'll have another look at them.

It said it wasn't compatible with my device, but it seemed to work fine in my Quest 2.  Nice and simple.  It would be good if it took into account how hard you hit them, like if you could just tap them to make them fall off the pedestals.

I tried it on a Quest 2.  When it started, I was looking from above the woman's head, but I couldn't seem to get anything to happen.  What are you supposed to do?

I've added level 2 now.

Thanks a lot for the detailed feedback.  I have a look at the "balls under the floor" bug.  I assume you've not played the original 8-bit game?   The pistons can be a pain (even when you know that they kill you), I think some side-view gameplay aspects don't translate well when in VR.  But since you got to the end, I'd better add level 2 sooner rather than later.

Thanks a lot! 

Currently, it is just the first level.  I should have put a message up at the end.  Did I make the game too easy? :)

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Have you tried the instructions in the readme for running on a Mac?  Here's some extra help I've been given:

Since the app is not signed for a Mac, it shows "Application from unidentified developer" or even "Application is damaged and cannot Be opened" on first start. Try to open you game with Ctrl+Right Click and then Open. If it's not helping, open Terminal, enter "sudo xattr -cr /Path/To/" and then open your game.  More details here: and here:

All those issues should now be fixed!

The excellent intro music is by Tamás Webnyelv ( )

Thanks for the details, I'll see if I can fix that.

Just another question about this, as I'm no expert on the original: what was to stop the player tooling up and wandering around the ship in a crowd, hunting the alien?

Thanks for the feedback.  Currently, the alien will only attack a crewman if they're on their own, and will run away if there's more than one.  I've never noticed it get stuck, but I'll see if I can recreate it.

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Thanks for letting me know; I've just released a new version.  Can I check how it was bugged for you?  Was it that the autodestruct stay on for the next game?



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No problem, I've just released it.  Although I don't have a Windows machine to test it on, it should be 32 bit.   Let me know if it works!  (Or not).  Edit: I assume you wanted a Windows version?

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Thanks a lot for letting me know, it's all fixed now  Do you want to suggest a Spectrum game to use as a level?


Thanks!  I'll try tweaking it and see if it makes the game more fun (or even make it a setting that people can adjust).

Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into how other pages manage to do it.  Have you tried the alternative link?:

No problem.  And there was me calling you Michelle!

Hi Michelle,  thanks a lot for the feedback, and also for being my go-to Mac consultant!  I'll look at fixing those.  I'm going to add you to the credits of the game - Do you want me to put you down as "michellekg" or something else?

What resolution do you run at?

Thanks also for the bug report.  I've just released a new version which hopefully fixes it. 

Thanks again for the bug report.  I've just released a new version which hopefully fixes it.  It works on mine, anyway. :)

Thanks; so it's the same with only a single monitor.