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Thanks, hope you enjoy it.

Thanks, hope you enjoyed it.  The map should be identical, as I recreated the whole thing.


If you have a look at my other games, you can see what others I've made with the same engine.

Thanks for letting me know, no idea why as I did everything exactly the same.  I've just created a new fresh release (0.41), can you try that?

Soon I won't be able to step outside for fear of being mobbed! ;)

Thanks!  Level 2 is coming soon....

So, er, make it look exactly like the original? ;)

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I am currently trying to decide which game to do next (in between adding more content to the existing games), but I'm afraid that creating animated rhinos, wolves and spiders etc.. make Sabre Wulf a step too far for my artistic skills. :(

Do you think this looks okay, or needs a bit of tweaking?

Thanks!  I'm currently creating level 2 of Exolon, but once that's finished, it's next on my list (or near the top, anyway:) ).

That's a good idea  My biggest challenge will be creating an animated robot, but at least he doesn't have legs.  That's what's prevented me creating a 3rd-person Exolon.

Oops, thanks for letting me know.  I'll do an update soon.

I've used a couple of your excellent ship models in the background of the FPS I'm working on.

(This is a screengrab from Youtube, so it doesn't do either your model or my game any favours!).  Full game is at

Thanks.  It's the new Tron!

Thanks, let me know what you think if you play it. :)

'Tis done. :)

Ha, that's a great idea.


Thanks a lot for the feedback.  I did mess about with the lighting for the new version I released yesterday (both versions are still available to download) and I may have made it too dark to emphasise the shadows, so I might adjust it back.  And I'll add a "crouch" feature, although I'm not sure how useful it will be in this version!

Thanks a lot for letting me know, and thanks for the link to those instructions.  I'll add them to the listing.  I'm slowly tweaking the game (some people complained that the balls don't move up and down!) and things like that so I'll add a self-shadow in the next release.

I've just uploaded a Mac version.  Let me know if it works!

Regarding a new "modern" version, I think that would stop it being Exolon.  It would just be another FPS with "retro" graphics?  However, if I can think of another Spectrum game with less linear levels that would work as an FPS, that would be ideal.

Thanks, I see.  I've never heard of Root Motion, but I've only been using Godot for a few months.  Looks very useful.

Thanks a  lot, that's great news.  I didn't realise it would be so easy.

..although it would be better if the model stayed in-place when running?

Thanks.  I've just added a Linux version.  I don't have a Linux PC at the moment, so please let me know if it works.

Do you have Linux?  If so, let me know and I'll create a Linux version, and you'll have to tell me if it works. :)

Looking like Cyberpunk 2076!  It looks great.

This is really good.  I've been looking for an 3D animated soldier for an FPS for years.

Good casual game.  Like the graphics a lot.

Hi, is the source available?

Thanks for the feedback.  If I come across any actual Spectrum music I'll add it to the game, but I'm working on other projects now and only tweaking this game and fixing bugs.

A great small game.  The attention to detail is what raises it above the average.

Thanks.  I'll have a look.  Are you sure there's no way to move behind you?

It should be somewhere around the edge.  Just like the original game. :)

Thanks, glad you liked it!  (I just had to google who Daren White was :) )

I get a big picture of a crown, but then nothing.  No text or anything.  Do I need to press a button?

Looks great in a Speccy kind of way, but am I being a noob?  How do you get past the rocks on the second screen?

Don't worry about all the questions, it's just nice to get some feedback and am happy to answer anything. :)  I'm afraid there's no way past that, and that red thing is just an artefact from the Monty Mole graphics I ripped.  It doesn't do anything.  The Dark Sceptre character also blocks another level, and there's no way past that (until I add another level and remove the blockage).

Ha!  Well done on finding it. 

I don't know if you noticed the new couple of tips I wrote on the page, but don't bother trying to get past the Jetman screen. It will cost you all those lives. :)