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Wow thanks for playing and the kind words! Your perseverance is truly admirable, and I'm very glad you found it rewarding. GG!

Can we have some indication of when Lud and the other judges will be downloading the games to be played? Has this happened already? Will we be contacted about building from source (ie: which commit to use)? I don't think our team will be able to work on the game much more if at all before the weekend show, but I would really love to be re-assured that the updates that I just pushed to git and itch will be seen on-stream. 


- Stef

you're breathtaking. If only ours were half as pretty as yours! Loved Pinkatana, I almost beat it... gave up on the gold section (for now) without realizing it was the last challenge!

Thanks again for the thoughtful comments! I'm sure Jake can confirm, but I think you were at around 70%? Huge thanks for the recommendations as well. Love your game too! 

Made it to the first waterfall but had to stop because I was waking the neighbors with my mech keyboard :(

You did great! Just wanna emphasize that. I like to try to offer useful criticism but you can't forget how much of an achievement it is to create something like this in a short time like that. It's not that any of the problems (ie: the windmill interaction with the ball) are particularly bad, it's just that the foddian design exasperates any issues that are there.

Big thanks for playing and for the thoughtful review!

luv <3

That was an absolute hoot.

git gud

Amazing presentation! Love the art, and the game is overall very well executed. It's great that you've introduced gameplay to falling, giving the player something to do and consider on the way down, not just on the way up. I really appreciate this, but to push it further I would be really interested to see the roles flipped a bit - currently the 'pachinko' gameplay is secondary to the 'rocket man' gameplay, and the pachinko interaction is not very consequential overall. It would be amazing if the gameplay was really about pachinko, but maybe this is much easier said than done!

Amazing example of elegant design and art. Does a lot with a little. Level design introduces mechanics non-verbally really well, and there is a surprising amount of depth in the limited player verbs. Also the house is amazing. Very impressed, haven't play very far yet but had to come relay all the thoughts that immediately came to mind.

Real nice presentation. Some technical problems that are extra toxic in a foddian, but I totally get how mixing 3d and 2d concepts can be tough! I could nitpick, but I my biggest sticking point is that it's pretty hard to read.  Great job!

Thanks for the feedback! <3

Oh dang, never heard of that! Thanks for playing!

Thanks! I haven't gotten to the top either to be honest... might need rest first. (don't worry the level is finished, and Jake the level designer is able to beat it)

Best sprite pack I have encountered so far. Art style works well enough for my project (educational platformer template) and more importantly - everything is professionally done and well organized. All sprites are tiled with known pixels per unit dimensions + known animation framerates, and all sheets are properly slice-able. It also inlcudes everything I need from terrain to spikes to platforms to checkpoints which I wasn't expecting.

There are a few assets with inconsistent metrics (most assets at 16 pixels per unit, but characters and checkpoints for example appear to be 32 pixels per unit). I'm guessing this is intentional(?) but it doesn't bother me in this case anyway.

Great work. Would hire. I'll be sure to come back and actually pay some $ for it if I end up monetizing the project successfully.

Nice work guys!

Yes but the AI isn't exactly going to play back

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Very slick! GG