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@Paier Grazie! Stiamo valutando di portare il gioco su piattaforma mobile, dove potrebbe risultare ugualmente molto giocabile.

Hi everyone, posting here because the game I made in jan during the Global Game Jam is now online and working. Give it a try and make me know if you like it.

The game needs a keyboard and a mic to be played.

Link to the page: https://stefanotumminello.itch.io/soundquake

Just uploaded my first game on itch.io thanks to the Frogbyte Game Jam ended today.

The theme was "Energy", the game is a sort of space-based endless runner where you're an astronaut and you have to dash from planet to planet with incrementing speed gained while orbiling.

Link: https://stefanotumminello.itch.io/space-energy