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Awesome, thank you so much!

Thanks a lot for the review =)

Yeah, really had lack of time to work on this entry after all, so I didn't develop all that came to my mind for this game this time, still tried to keep it simple enough to enjoy it easily.

Anyway as said before, I kept it all parametric, so I can make some quick tuning for keeping the game more challenging soon, just waiting the end of the jam to improve it any soon after it. =)

Hey, thanks a lot for your review, also it was my first video review ever so it was quite a feeling =)

I'll take in consideration all your tips as well as other ones I got from other players. I'll tune the game and will make it a little more challenging as soon as the jam will be over using some of your and other people's feedback and tips.

The other game on the same scene is amazing and super fun to play with, I was quite surprised to see another person making a game based on it =)

Thanks for the review! Yeah, the game still needs tuning, luckily the code is super parametric, so it's just a matter of time to make it more challening with speed and maybe attack variance. Will work on it!

Hey there, looks like we made the same scene of the same movie hahaha. Great to see another kill bill fan, and also, you made a wonderful game out of it! Congrats!

Thank you so much!

Music is by a friend of mine who actually lives in a whole musicians house, think they did it...yeah I love it too!

Saw your game and tried it, it's really amazing!

Added a web player edition to let people play while I'll figure out what happened to the linux version, hope you'll try it then!

aww thank you so much! =)

@Paier Grazie! Stiamo valutando di portare il gioco su piattaforma mobile, dove potrebbe risultare ugualmente molto giocabile.

Hi everyone, posting here because the game I made in jan during the Global Game Jam is now online and working. Give it a try and make me know if you like it.

The game needs a keyboard and a mic to be played.

Link to the page:

Just uploaded my first game on thanks to the Frogbyte Game Jam ended today.

The theme was "Energy", the game is a sort of space-based endless runner where you're an astronaut and you have to dash from planet to planet with incrementing speed gained while orbiling.