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really useful package. thanks

thank you :) this is really useful

good to see more users in Godot. Me too Godot

wow the game felt like a strategy kicker game. GG

\m/ needs water hose power

i like it

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what is this? A Rolling wallpaper? Just loads into rotating 3D cube with the wallpaper saying.. Sabatuer 

sound and environment looks so calm

Thanks. Already purchased this now, waiting for next one. And I wish you all the very best for your entrepreneurship :)

thanks , this helps

Thanks <3. The only reason I request these since I'm also subscribed to gdquest, and was wondering how different will this be from VFX and 2D secretes pack ?

great ebook. For future can you please bring Platform Player & Enemy recipes

hi went to purchase page, is there any PDF file instead of DEMO which can explain what all things we will learn in this course ?

Do we also make the entire 3D scene and character movements from scratch or gdquest alike plug and play tutorials ?


good job, keep going :) `@ajinkyax` here

simple & fun addictive game

good notes :)

thanks. Im participating first time :) Discord: steelx#4050

amazing game, just purchase it guys. you will love it, Cute cozy game to relax and have fun

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Hi, (Discord: steelx#4050)

I have over 10yrs JavaScript experience.

> But of course a noob in Godot. Good at understanding programming concepts.

Looking for a team which prefers Godot, since this is what I'm learning at the moment.
My objective is to learn and build something, and have fun.

looks nice. can we have a man for this women.

wish it had mobile controls

wish I could rate this, not able to rate since I have not submitted entry !!

Good job. Rust <3

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Partical animation and Rust programming. Already loving it