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Hey. Thanks for the feedback, yeah i do wish i had time to change the controlls for more universal settings. always next time :P cheers

Cheers for playing glad u liked the random level segments :P always makes a game like this more interesting in my opinion

Thanks for your feedback  :) 

Cheers for playing :)

yeah i would have liked to fine tune the collision and hit boxes and get it a bit smoother. I built the game in such a way i can just add additional extra levelsor segments and they would just be added to the random spawns but never got time to make them as well :(

The fact u are comparing it to that masterpiece, You flatter me !!! cheers for playing !

Hey thanks for playing! sorry about the scaling, we didnt have time to implement a variable UI so it has to be played in 1080p or it will look buggy, I should have put that in the Description sorry! But thanks for playing :)

Thanks, Didnt expect to have such a reaction from the sounds, Thanks for playing

Thanks for the Comment, i didnt have time to make the UI variable resolution so it must be played at 1080P to run correctly. there were some sounds recorded by me, if you didnt hear anything i am unsure why :( if you mean music we just didnt have time to make anything and we were trying to do it from scratch. Cheers for Playing :)

Thice game, could do with a score or timer for replayability the map is very large so lots of exploring, with more time i would reccomend adding different areas that have a different feel

Thice game, could do with a score or timer for replayability the map is very large so lots of exploring, with more time i would reccomend adding different areas that have a different feel

Also them Triangles are Aimbots!

Simple Yet Fun as TeNoR said, Once i realised the big Circles were also consumables i got a score of 509, Really nice work, Clean and Flashy

this was fun and fast pased, shame you got the time wrong as u said below as would love to see what else that 3 hours would have brought, the 2d/3d car is great and very trippy! Wasnt the best handler though :P thanks

This is really emmersive for a pixel art game, the sound was on point and the animations were good. Thanks for making this!

This was really great i completed it i think. very meta and very long given the quality of it this will do well in this Jam  i think!

Didnt want to sleep tonight anyway, I spent a good 20 mins on this game but couldnt figure out the potions, it was however very well made and scary the audio and visuals were great. Thanks!

I love The Visuals of this, There seems to be an issue where the background is buggy at the start which meakes it a little hard to play for me  but that fixes after a few seconds, the Silhouette enemies and terain is great however it is tough to distinguish floor or foe lol, really enjoyed though thanks

Gives off some Asteroid Vibes, Really enjoyed it the hit box is a little off and but its a fun game :) Keep up the good work 

Had a lot going on on the screen was difficult to see where to press things but i like the multiple tasks kind of thing and the Audio was great, The visuals had the old MS Paint charm keep it up :)

looks like it could be a fun game and the Adio is decent but i can play it, the character jitters when i try to move and then the camera goes off and it crashes. id love to see this fully working, Such a shame good effort though! 

has a micromachines feel to it enjoyed it and the art style was simple but nice, theres a few visual issues like going over rooves etc, but the game was fun enough to lose myself in it so im happy Good Work!

The game itself is nice the instructions and lack of sound let it down a little but i do love the new trnd of 2D pixel art in a 3d environment. i enjoyed this game with a bit of work it could turn into something quite nice

this game is a little rough around the edges in terms of visuals but is also really nice in terms on the lighting (on the good PC version) it sticks true to the theme well enough and the controlls are straight forward, fix the asthetics a little and add a 3* scoring system and u have a decent casual game here! 

Difficult, but a cool concept, really enjoyed playing :) I did keep trying to press space bar to jump through!

Simple but effective idea. I love that u just bought a Unity Bundle and used it for the assets.visuals are nice and the theme is spot on! I suggest adding an image to the submission page as this was one of the final ones i clicked from the browser games as it didnt draw me in, i think you would get more traction on views and votes! Cheers

I enjoyed the concept of this, it worked really well, i feel more speed buffs would make the game better as i was quite impatient with it so additional + buffs would be good to give the option of speed.

Visually was great and was quite unique. Keep it up!

I also commented on the Game Jam Post. This is a game thi think can go far so keep working on it now the jam is over!

The Visuals in this are great, the lighting is really nice, My only real complaint is lack of obvious health loss/gameover mechanic, the shrinking is a good idea but i feel a flashing at end of life might help. other than this my only other critique is have the character movement be faster, or instead of one large movement then wait have smaller movemnts but more frequently. but honestly top nitch visuals!

This was a very original way to somewhat change the theme, by naming a character yu :P was a fun game and  certainly original! Enjoyed thanks

haha thanks, Im going to get an ego about becoming a beat boxer at this rate! cheers for the feedback

The character art is great, the only real complaints i had was A. the hitboxing and what i assume the boolean to say if the character is on the floor was a little off on somne tiles. and B. the falling platforms that meet the theme didnt seem to work or at least i missed them. Fun game though well done!

A MINI MAP! i loved it for this alone, I am yet to attepmt a mini map haha, Sound would have helped but is often the thing to leave behind if you are running low on time. the art was good and the game play was solid. i ran out of people to eat and eventually died so i feel maybe a cheeky ping on the amazing mini map to give me an indication where to go after a certain time would have been a good addition if you were to continue developming.

Cheers, This was a learning experience for Meghan my other half who helped me and she did all visuals other than the pumpkin herself having no prior exp so i think she nailed it considering the time frame, The sounds were put in as a joke but decided to keep them as it was that or none! Thanks for your feedback :)

Love the concept, Similar to ours but with a much more humerous plot (ours didnt really have a plot) a few animations and some sound effects and this would be a solid game. As stated a reset button would have been nice, and maybe a slight ease up on the speed of the mobement or a more forgiving level design i couldnt get past the first platform.

This was just a Solid all arounder! The music was fitting and the fact the beat remained but the instrumentals changed when you swapped 'worlds' was great, I would play a full fledged version of this with a bit of melee combat or something! 

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The shading on the seemingly 2d environments were impressive when the light hits, my only realy critique is that there was no obvious way of telling if you had hit the target, a more obvious indicator would have been good, Decent Concept though!

Edit: Forgot to mention the 'score' was the in game time i thought that was a nice touch

I do miss Flash Games! honestly this is the first Game iv noticably played in flash in probably 5 years, and yeah i mean if you can make this level of content over a weekend it truly is fast! not to take away from your skill ofcourse :

Really like the movement on this game, the art style was nice with mainly voxel style graphics. I would have made the player voxel too personally but i did like the chatacters appearance. fun game, the speech sound effect at the start were a bit full on.

Good concept reminded me of the penguin egg pushing game, it wasnt obvious that the walls were attached at first (add an effect maybe) and it was somewhat easy to get your 'health' back, personally as a psychopath i would have moving stop the bar not refill it :P. But an enjoyable game that combines the theme and a classic puzzle style as well as using a popular (thanks to i think big bang theory) scientific experement that compliments the theme well.