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check out the Kickstarter for it 

The Abhorrent Six + Babalon's Hangover, via @Kickstarter

Hey yeah some shops still have it like floatingchair or rookspress, pdf you can get here.

Hey! We tried different print-on-demand sources and they just fall flat and a book of this size is going to be to cost consuming to ship. So I think that's a no to your question, i'm sorry ! Glad you liked it!

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There are two maps of the same dungeon, one to print out for the players, and one for the GM that's marked. You can also use the unmarked map for your own setup of the dungeon, do as you please. :)

Thank you! We are currently working on it!

Unique and fun mechanic. Thumbs up !

i saw you wanted some feedback. This is good, only change the 'readable.. statblock' to white also so it's easier to read. Good job on your first monster, keep at it !:)

So cool ! 😀

Thanks! Yeah the idea was to make the perspective weirder the further down the players go.

Also it's really fun creating these maps!

I love this! I agree, it's better that Glop is dead.

Hahaha ! It's all just a nightmare, or wait .. it sure feels real. 🤭

Fixed typo and added legal text. :)

yes ! 😀 

Yes to both questions.

lulu can't do it justice. :/

Currently waiting for test print.

Hey ! Thanks for the awesome comments. We have not forgotten the project, we also would love to see this in print some day. I'll see what we can do about it.

We made something ! Check it out.