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You're welcome!

The spaghetti western idea doesn't sound too bad to me either... a "The Good, The Ugly and The Bad" game where the player can choose to play as one of the three characters from that movie would be a blast indeed, no doubt! The only problem is it's hard to make a new western game when Red Dead Redemption has killed the genre by becoming unmatchable...

Keep up the good work, enjoy your next projects N8!

A nice project can be recognized by the fact it inspires to create something you weren't planning to. If I consider the nice western-based gift recently given from Unreal Engine and I had the budget I would definitely work on a spaghetti western game with talented people capable of delivering works like this one.

Well done!

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The beauty of the learning curve.

There's nothing more satisfying than creating something we were unfamiliar with, I know that first hand.

Amazing work, I particularly appreciate the simplicity of the neat design and the cure of texturing. I'm definitely curious to see all its details, makes me feel there are many to discover by a closer look. I wish had collaborators this talented. Now i'm curious to see the characters you create.

Nice work indeed, well done!


Stupendously neat design nicely delivered.

Cinematographic imaginary at its best!

The rotational cargo deck is an awesome invention. Dunno how realistically would be possible, probably is not, but it's truly fantastic to watch. Even the long external walkways are an additional clever touch I particularly appreciated. It was, overall, very cinematographic indeed... and I love that, a lot!

The way you imagined a cargo spaceship keeping the references with actual maritime cargo ships is a refreshing idea. 

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It gave me goosebumps, literally... I was so afraid somebody scary asf was gonna pop out of nowhere anytime.

I love the simplicity and the deliverance in it. Well done, omonimous, well done!

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Hi there I have tried the previous version and saw the project files were included just like this version too but, unfortunately, the assets aren't visible in the editor, the folders look empty. I know that's something that happens when there are discrepancies between the original engine version but as far as I can see the version seems identical to mine, the 4.27.2 version.

It's a real pity, because I hoped I could give my contribution to the development of what can be a very enjoyable game, like making some experiment with the animations and how the scenes can be made, allowing switches of animations for more complex scenes, and also about the models ─ the werewolf and werebear are awesome! ─  like the human ones whose skin looks a bit weird due to the displacement/normal textures or the way the materials are set. I was also curious to make some adjustment to the locomotion, something I'm kinda obsessed about, like enabling different blendspaces according to the active mode on the player ─ basically a difference between combat and non-combat modes, with strafing animations active only during combat.

Anyway, I really hope this can be an open source project we  can give our contribute to, in order to speed up the development process. In any case... I really wish you the best, I know how hard can be working all on your own just like I do.


PS: I bought both Easy Combat SoftLock and Easy Combat Finisher, and a variety of several other assets  I'd gladly introduce into your game, including two versions ─ a simple one and a more advanced one ─ of Photo Mode assets for people like me in love with screenshooting!

Interesting work. Is the project itself available someway to use a base for further improvements or even just with the blueprints and without animations {I have my owns}!??


Dall'Italia con furore!