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It's a software by BrashMonkey. It's basically a tool with which you can animate characters. It works a bit similar to how Unitys animation tool works

More placeholder as in you use him to build a prototype of your idea, and then replace him altogether. But since I've added the Spriter files you could potentially use Spriter to replace the body parts by yourself while maintaining the animations :)

Thank you!

yes you may use it ;) thanks for crediting me! You can go by ‚Stealthix‘

Thank you so much for the kind words :) I'm very glad that you enjoyed it

Sure thing! Glad that you like it

I've added orange slimes for you to download :) If you want more colors I recommend you to recolor these. I've used the EDG32 palette so you can orientate yourself upon those.

Thank you!

Thank you very much :)

Could you repeat that in english?

> hello, I can use it for commercial purposes

Yes, you may use this for commercial purposes

Thank you for these kind words :)

Thank you :)

Glad that you enjoyed it! :)

Thank you :)

Thank you!

Thank you very much for the amazing feedback!

Thanks for describing it, I guess I know how that issue can be reproduced so I can fix it after the ranking :)

Thank you for the feedback. I guess I can see now how the levels might be a little confusing, I'll look into updating it once the rating is over :)

Hey, thanks for playing! Thank you so much for the nice feedback. Regarding the buggyness, I'd love to hear details about how you got stuck in the air so I can fix that bug after the ratings :)

I like the death + platform mechanic, smart way to implement the theme :) Good job!

Fluent and polished gameplay, lots of content with a fair amount of variety considering the short development time - all in all very good job :)

Amazing visuals! The game mechanic is simple and fun, the sound and visuals underline the gameplay very well! I don't seem to be very good at it though (summoned 10 zombies) :D

Cute animations and nice aesthetics in general! Although I must say I felt a little lost and I had no clue what I have to do. There is an arrow pointing to an object once you change the plane but after reaching it nothing seemed to happen.

Definitely love the small animation between the levels, cute idea! The dialogues are a nice variety to the gameplay and are also good. Nice work :)

I finished it in 157 Seconds! Definitely a cute little game. The level design was nice and the arrows and section limiters made it feel natural to navigate without ever getting lost. The controls were on-point so it felt a little like a twin stick shooter.

Pretty good job!

Great small arcade game! Very impressive that you did not use one of the major engines for it but went with Rust and web assembly, good job :)

Cool game, love the simplicity and arcady feeling of it making it easy to understand and fun to play. Took me a little to understand that the dots were killing me :D

Thank you very much for playing through our game and for your feedback! I'm very glad you enjoyed it

Cool puzzle idea! I'd have loved to get some kind of tutorial - but with a little bit of fiddeling I found out the puzzle mechanic myself :) . Unfortunately colliding with the stones while pressing space can make the duck fly up and break the level.

Thanks for your feedback!

Should work now :)

I added it :)

Can you specify what you mean or show me reference images?

Cool little game! Love the dynamic lighting

Thanks! Will probably add more stuff to each of the seasons over time :)

Glad that you like it! I plan on doing so :)

Thank you very much for the nice feedback(s) :)

Thank you :)

Thank you!

Hey! First of thanks for supporting me, it's really appreciated.

Of course you can have the example from the image :) Hope I was able to help!