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Awesome! Glad that you like it :)

By sending me a link once you're done I'd say :) Would greatly appreciate it

Yes! You're very welcome to do so :)!
Mind showing me the game you'd like to use this asset on?

Thank you!

Excuse me, I don't quite understand the question.

Thanks for letting me know, hoped you liked them! :) The game is amazing by the way!

Awesome ideas! Will definitely implement most (if not all) of the suggestions. Would you be interested in testing further games/updates I work on?

Thanks for playing! There seems to be a bug in the level generation which is very tough to find, sorry about that.

Thanks again for your feedback.

I will try to reproduce and fix the bug! Thanks a lot for the efford and time :)

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

I will look into what is causing the bug, thanks for reporting - did it occur on level generation? Good idea with giving the player a knife by default.
Knight enemy is basically the last enemy, good job on getting so far! Levels are infinite so there is no final level or boss monster. The Big AF Axe is the strongest weapon with 3 base attack.

Hey, thanks for playing my game :) They are currently a little to strong, I will weaken them later in an update! You can beat them if you use a weapon with a base attack value of 3 (e.g. axe) and then apply a magic scroll on it - that should kill them with one attack.

Thank you! As this game was made with the PICO-8 I don't really have the option to add configurations like fullscreen to the game :) Also no, this won't appear on steam

Thanks for the nice feedback :)


I hope this suits your needs :)

Will see if I can redraw them for you :) could you specify which stone tiles exactly?

Yes :) completely free with no strings attached!

Thank you for your feedback!

Scaling down is always paired with a loss in detail. I could downscale it with software but I doubt that it would look nice. Do you need specific tiles/assets of this tileset? I could redraw a few for you in 16x16 and maybe I might create a whole 16 x 16 1 bit tileset in the future :)

Thank you :)

I suppose you mean Pixel FX Designer? That's because I use a similar technique to what Pixel FX Designer (probably) uses, but I use Godot's particle engine instead of gamemaker's. I've written an explanation on that here

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Glad that you like it :) It's added to the downloads

Like this?

Will do in the next 24 hours and add it to the pack :) thanks for the suggestion

Thank you very much!

It's added to the pack now :) Hope it suits your needs!

It's added to the pack now :) Hope it suits your needs!

Will do in a few days and update the pack then :)

Thank you :)

If you don't mind waiting a week I can surely do that for you!

Awesome! Thanks for that and thanks for sharing :)

There you go, hope you find a good use for these :)

Awesome, give me a few and I'll add it to this pack

Something like this?

Thanks for your support :) I'll see what I can do!

Thanks! I'm looking forward on that :) Would love to see my assets in your game. It looks very promising

It means that once you've purchased the product you may use it as often in as many projects as you'd like without any royalty, sorry for the confusion.

If you need specific assets, feel free to hit me up with a message containing suggestions on any of my accounts and I'll see what I can do :)
Unfortunately I'm already full-time employed so I can't bring up the time for other bigger projects unless paid, sorry.

Yes, you may use it however you want :)

Thank you

Thank you :)

Thank you :) It's not just you it's indeed a little distorted :)