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Great Job on finishing the game man!

Hi everyone, 

I've just released a Free Demo for the PS1 Alleyway Pack! This free sample will give you guys an idea of how some of the assets will look in engine.

These assets include: The TV, Chain-link Post & Sign 6. Additionally, I've also modified the texture atlas so that the demo assets can all be used with one texture for an added ease of use.

If you liked the free sample, consider getting the full version with over 40 additional assets for just $4.99!

The Free Sample can be found on the main page here -

Enjoy!  (^ᴥ^)

Hi everyone, figured I'd share an asset pack I've been working on recently. The pack is all styled in the PS1 aesthetic as well as the texture sizes all being accurate to the ps1's limitations too. Additionally, A UE4 project is bundled with the pack which showcases a full level made with these assets.

The pack and trailer is linked below if you'd like to check it out! link - PS1 Alleyway Asset Pack

YT Trailer - 

Had a good time playing this game, loved the atmosphere you were going for. nice job! 

Hey Jacob, Had a great time playing your game, nice job :D I may do a second part to it, here's my playthrough - 

Really interesting abstract game you've came up with, nice job! Here's my playthrough - 

Cool, I'll be sure to give it another play in October. :D

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Great Job with the game so far, I loved the whole 2000's aesthetic you were going for. And good luck on getting a new laptop, can't wait to see how this game develops. :D Here's my playthrough - 

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I swear I didn't intentionally set out to make the game about your profile pic, it just kinda happened :D

Nice job on getting to the end wasn't sure if anyone would see my ending :D. Gonna be seeing about making the enemies spawn further away from the player soon. Thanks for playing!

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Thanks for playing, I'll be seeing about easing the difficulty for the game soon since quite a few people mentioned the excessive spawning. :D 

Thanks for the feedback, I might change that later on so that the eggs spawn some distance away from the player at a slower rate :D

No problem, I'll have to have a look next time around on making my entries compatible for linux, as of now it was only available for Windows. Thanks anyways for letting me know :D

Thanks for the feedback, I perhaps made the amount of shots needed to kill Red too high so I'll keep the balancing in mind next time around. I'll also see about playing around with the different sizes of the platforms in the future as well. :D

Thanks much appreciated, I figured it'd be worth the time to make the projectiles as interesting as possible so I'm glad you like it :D 

Hey thanks for the feedback, I've added in a quick hotfix so that the intro will only play once upon booting the game up. So it should be much less repetitive now :D

Quite the unique game you've made here, congrats on making it so quickly. Here's my playthrough of it - 

No problem, happy to do it :D

No problem, I think this game is a great start point to continue getting better at game dev and that dispite it being a little buggy, I liked the concept you were going for. So good luck and I'm sure you'll only get better from here :D

Hey, I quite liked the style you went for on this game, Some of the areas felt a little too large in size in terms of the amount of distance needed to walk but overall I had a good time, Here's my playthrough - 

Quite enjoyed this game, it had the kind of randomness that can only come from a dream :D Here's my playthrough - 

Quite enjoyed the atmosphere & dark themes for this game, nice job so far :D Here's my playthrough -


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Really cool start you've got here! I found that the turn rate was quite high and so an option to change this may make for a good addition. Otherwise I quite enjoyed the abstract vibe the game gave off, here's my playthrough of it - 

Edit; just saw you mention that the turn rate is linked to the FPS and so maybe locking the FPS to 30 may be a possible fix.:D

Here's the Dev Log I mentioned in the last post, I reckon the game will be finished tomorrow afternoon - 

I managed to find some great Post process/Shaders for both UE4 & Unity with the help of Scribble . They are a kind of overlay which will add a pixelated look to the game which could match nicely with the Lo-fi aesthetic of the Jam. Here's the links - 

UE4's Pixelated Post Process -

Unity's Pixelated Shader - or a modified version of it -


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Just finished modelling Santa's Sleigh here's a video of it in action along with some screenshots. For the movement I used the template of a Car from UE4 and replaced it with the Sleigh along with an actor trigger that disables the gravity. I'll also be doing a Dev Log on my progress in the games Jam soon.

Thanks man, Can't wait to play your game :D

No Problem :D


Hey, I had a lot of fun playing this one, I loved the Ps1 style to it. I'll be doing a three part series on this but in the meantime here's the first part. :D 

I enjoyed this game quite a lot, The story is defiantly more developed than many other LSD genre games. :D Here's my playthrough on it -


Happy to do it. :)

Version 1.1.0 has just been released :D

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Hey Jakob_Reborn, Here's two ways on how to get to the next segment of the game from where you mentioned, hope this helps. :D

By the way, I just released a patch for the game so it may be worth downloading the game again since a few bugs near the ending have now been fixed.

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Hey, I enjoyed this short game and I reckon that this is a good place to build from. Here's my playthrough of it - 

Loved the game and the art style you chose for it, what did you use to make the effects, I'm thinking about using similar techniques for my next game. 

Hi masterkeef, thanks for taking the time to play it. I'll be improving the game with patches over time and so I'm going to see if I can make the game easier to go through in the next patch. Thanks again for playing. :D