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very neat little game! One thing, it looks like some dialogue from the books in the dungeons doesn't disappear until you clear the dungeon, which is a little tricky when there's three textboxes over the boss -_-

i agree w david - this fucks

The angry adopt me dog going "WHY NOT?" made me laugh

Incredible writing, and the UI adds something cheerful and sinister. That last "I can hold you if you want" repeated hit me hard. I really enjoyed this

btw I heard about this game on the Indie Mixtape podcast, I understand now why the host was so scared playing this lol

This really captures the type of 'horror' that gets to me, not like jumpscares but the growing sense of dread every time the camera slooooowly panned around. Fantastic use of format without going overboard with the spooks, I think leaving some things to the player's imagination was a great call!

I scrolled through some older comments and found a fix that worked for me - changing the 'respawn' value in the options.ini

No worries, thanks for such a quick response!

Hit a little bump - at some point the world sort of reset even though I still had all my forms/items, like bombs I blew up would reappear, fires I put out were lit again. It wasn't really an issue until I tried to leave the ruins and found the barrier right in front of the stairs was back, preventing me from going to the spire. Might've happened while I was trying to redo the fuses and golems puzzle for an emerald tablet--since if you light the wrong fuse you have to close and reopen the game to try again--but that's just a guess

Really enjoyed it! Had to grind a bit at the beginning but for the most part the battles felt fun, really like the mechanics of the VA. Ended up drawing a map of the tunnels layout, very cool and not something I think I've seen in an RPGmaker game before, really fun to explore! The ending felt a little anticlimactic, though I could be missing something, but the gazebo and the garage overall were really cool to find!

Sorry if my comments came across as harsh, this really is impressive for a first game! A few bugs are to be expected of any game, and this game is well worth multiple playthroughs regardless!

I went back to get all the endings! Very funny in retrospect that throwing a saw at the door works better than the key. The 'dark' house seemed a bit glitchy, got stuck on a door on my second attempt, otherwise great game! Really liked the writing, the design of the two realities, and the lore! rip santiago though they did nothing wrong and had such a cute design..

Very cool little game! I got the normie ending first, and on my second run tried to mess up the potion as much as possible, but then I ended up throwing a bonesaw at the front door and falling into the void

nice twist on picross! The only achievement I couldn't get was easy F (15 seconds? no way). Really enjoyed the different stitch mechanics

this is so nice so far!! Can't wait to see more!

I tried reducing the resolution (1600x900 and some lower ones) but didn't notice a difference, thanks though

What a sweet autumnal game

Oh right - playing on Linux, I have graphics quality and camera distance turned all the way down, post-processing off, and tried vsync both on and off

Not a bug per se,  but I got a serious drop in performance at the start of Act 4. I think it might be caused by rendering in the background, because when I turned my camera away from it it went back to normal. On the second station though I'm trying to walk to these terminals so looking at the background is unavoidable, and I have a half-second of lag between pressing a button and moving on screen. It seems for the second-to-last terminal on the second story of the scaffolding that I need to jump off a higher platform to land there, but I just can't manage it with the lag, Just climbing the stairs without falling off is a challenge. Is this another case where you're supposed to use the crane? Not sure if that'd be harder or easier with the lag

Got it! Thanks so much for the map <3

Enjoying the game so far, but I've hit a roadblock in Act 3. I can't figure out how to access the last terminal I need to open this door, I think the one to section C? I found the room with the skylight that lets me call Orby and learn to talk with the outdated robots, but can't find a path to the upper-right corner of the closed door where the last terminal is. Either I'm missing something right in front of me, or there's a different entrance entirely to get to that terminal. Keep getting lost in these white hallways

I think there is an issue with the "Map" block, the first time I tried to use it the game crashed when I pushed 'play'. I'm on Linux btw, and I second the folks before me suggesting a 'save' feature, especially since that crash cost me all my progress :*) love the game so far though!

ok so love the vibes of this game but (possible spoiler?) i was overjoyed to find that the 'nonsense' was a crackable code. wish i had a screen recorder so i could better grab the snippets. but i really like the opening 'monologue' (?) and then just 'wow fuck ok'. mixing up similar-looking symbols also made for some funny mistranslations like 'head erpty' lol

I don't have twitter so this is the only way I could think to tell you, I loved Cast Fortune so much! My fav so far of the anthology, the characters are so precious and warm, I had a great time filling out my fishing log. I will definitely check out your other stuff soon (including this one, I promise!)

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Withdrawing my comment about the seed prices/potion costs bc I scrolled down and saw you can right click plants to get seeds :/ my bad for not reading the how to play!

Running the Windows version in WINE worked!

Playing on Linux, after I find the tutorial letter in the box by my bed I start to get the error "Loading Error, Failed to load: audio/se/malblip1.ogg" every ten seconds or so, seemingly at random. I can press Z to dismiss the error and it seems to otherwise run fine but the constant interruption is annoying

Thanks for the response! For the piano section, does the melody only replay when you hit a wrong note? That's specifically what's confusing me

I'm a little confused about the controls. It might be a bug on my end, but sometimes X/Shift opens the menu and sometimes it doesn't. In particular I'm stuck on the piano section, I try to repeat the melody by pressing the keys but the melody replays before I finish

The last (18th) level in Branches (chapter 5) seems to have a bug where one of the switch nodes will only 'go around' once and then get stuck in one position, making one of the connected nodes inaccessible. I managed to pass the level regardless by planning for a single 'go around' (so no rush!) but just wanted to let you know. I'm guessing it has something to do with how the switch will skip over 'finished' nodes, maybe it's mistakenly thinking an 'unfinished' node is finished? I don't have a mid-game screenshot, but i circled the node that breaks. I'm on Linux btw

Had an issue on the first level, trying to put the 4 barrels on the plates but one barrel ended up only half-placed on the plate so the plate doesn't go down, but I can't figure out a way to move it from there. When I try aiming a duckling at it the aim just binds to the plate

stephennnn your writing hits so hard. i know nothing abt lancer but the vibes and love between these characters comes across loud and clear. this is like interactive poetry, i love how the lil bitsy world frames the conversation


Is there any way to disable it immediately showing your mistakes? I found the setting to disable penalty count, but is there a setting that would essentially just 'let' you make mistakes?

I like a lot of what this game offers, in terms of the unique battle system and the non-linear progression. As I got closer to the end though I got more and more stuck, and found myself doing a lot of backtracking through old areas, 'brb-ing' out of a bunch of encounters along the way. The red slime especially confused me, since you don't actually use the Mint Pudding on the red slime but on the player character, which I was hesitant to do because wasting it meant another long backtrack to refill the cup...I also assumed that choosing not to go back to the real world after dying was just a way to end/quit the game, so I didn't figure out the character-change thing at all. I do want to go back and see what I missed, I think I'll enjoy it now knowing more about it. I also somehow completely missed whoever Smith was

The app is wonky for a lot of other games too, including RPGmaker ones. Definitely not an issue specific to this game. The browser error IS weird though, sorry for crying wolf I guess! i really did ADORE this game <3

I just checked and I'm...also not able to reproduce it? Even though I had a save directly before triggering the conversation. There aren't any choices there, she just gives you a gingerbread cookie, and I guess the error came up whenever it tried to load the image of Nika crying. No clue why it started working today :P

And I meant, installing and launching it from the desktop app made it run very slow for me. I think rpgmaker games are generally wonky on the app though. If I just download the .zip file in my browser and extract it myself, it runs just fine!

Very very neat game! I got stuck partway through playing on browser, during the gingerbread cookie conversation a 'failed to load cry.png' error started popping up, and prevented me from doing through doors or opening the menu. At first I thought it was intended, starting to think it might not be lol. Also tried on the desktop app but it was suuper slow. Its so cool though I'm gonna try downloading the .zip and playing it from there