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When you write don't worry so people won't worry, but they do anyway

I'm serious about doing well. Plus, when I wrote the review I was unemployed and handling that kinda poorly, feeling pretty much the emotions you can experience in Fatigue. Realizing why I was feeling so miserable helped me to snap out of it (and as said, I have a very strong support network, where I can be completely emotionally open and I had very strong faith that things would work out). I have a job now and am doing much better, thanks. :)

Not me playing this and realizing those phases where I have no motivation, no energy and I am just miserable all the time and I feel completely and utterly worthless and constantly tired for no apparent reason is...

✨ D   E   P   R   E   S   S   I   O   N  ✨

Great game, will recommend to friends. 

 don't worry about me, the reason I've made it until now is because I have a great support network that stops me from sinking into the abyss completely.

It's a sentiment many relate to, methinks.

Thanks! :D

Ok, that was fun and not what I was expecting based on description (should have paid more attention to the screenshots). I love the humour. The colours are a bit hard on my poor ol' eyes though.

Very creepy, I think it's awesome! Uuuh, but once the actual horror kicks in, I'll doubt I'll be able to play it. Still, I hope you develop it into a full game.

I really like the concept of the game (but that might be because I have a weakness for games about gardening...) Unfortunately I couldn't play it for long because the game tended to lag for me... Probably because my computer's not very powerful. Still cool!

Thank you, that's very sweet :)

(Of course I'll play your game, I intend on playing all of them, as far as that's possible)


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Will not do, I'm still cleaning up the mess left by the last virus. Maybe someone else can try.

Awesome, I'll try it out soon :)

Hey, this was a really cool game! It's a twist on the theme that I hadn't even considered. Very nice work and looks gorgeous too.

I tried downloading the game and got the same "this is dangerous" message that ImaCupaJoe got. I overrode it and windows security immediately detected a dangerous virus in the downloaded content called "Virus:VBS/Ramnit.gen!A". Thankfully it got caught before it could infect my computer. So, uuuh. I guess this is awkward.

That was a quick playthrough! I liked that there was some story there and the graphics were cute. Despite how short it was, the platforming was nicely challenging. I felt the music was a bit confusing though (tense music in a rather peaceful setting?) but that might be my personal taste... so feel free to ignore that if you don't think that applies.

Thanks! I'm glad you liked it! :D

That's fair! I wouldn't know how to either! I still really, really like it :)

The game's not for me, however it's visually very pretty and works great. I tried on all three settings and had fun.

I thought this game was awesome. Not something I was expecting from this jam but absolutely gorgeous.  The only thing that bothered me is that (at least on my computer) I had to constantly click the text field, so I could type... Otherwise, a great game! Visually beautiful, nice relaxing music and fun to play!