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Not me playing this and realizing those phases where I have no motivation, no energy and I am just miserable all the time and I feel completely and utterly worthless and constantly tired for no apparent reason is...

✨ D   E   P   R   E   S   S   I   O   N  ✨

Great game, will recommend to friends. 

 don't worry about me, the reason I've made it until now is because I have a great support network that stops me from sinking into the abyss completely.

Are you ok? I have to say the way you worte don't worry about me is pretty disturbing

When you write don't worry so people won't worry, but they do anyway

I'm serious about doing well. Plus, when I wrote the review I was unemployed and handling that kinda poorly, feeling pretty much the emotions you can experience in Fatigue. Realizing why I was feeling so miserable helped me to snap out of it (and as said, I have a very strong support network, where I can be completely emotionally open and I had very strong faith that things would work out). I have a job now and am doing much better, thanks. :)